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What are your New Year’s resolutions?

1 Pre-listening

Look at this list of New Year’s resolutions. Which ones have you ever tried to make? How did it go? Which ones would you like to make? Why?

• Eat healthy food
• Stop smoking
• Get fit
Learn a language
• Recycle more
• Spend more time with the family
• Pay off any loans
• Write a diary
• Lead a healthier lifestyle
• Go to the gym
• Host more dinner parties
• Get outside more
• Launch a business
• Take up yoga
• Use the car less
• Go to bed earlier
• Pay any bills promptly
• Do up the home
• Eat less junk food
• Be more punctual
• Learn a new skill
• Walk more
• Watch less TV
• Adopt a pet
• Read more
• Be more organised
Travel more
• Find a romantic partner
• Donate money to charity
• Go on a road trip
• Get some new clothes
• Cook more at home
• Drink less alcohol
• Be more on top of the paperwork at home

2 Listening I

You’re going to listen to three people talking about their New Year’s resolutions.
Listen once. Were any of the ones you chose for the Pre-listening task mentioned?

3 Listening II

Listen again. What are the various New Year’s resolutions for each speaker?
1. Speaker 1 =
2. Speaker 2 =
3. Speaker 3 =

Answer below




1. Speaker 1 = To eat healthier (more fruit & veg* vegetables) ; stop smoking, lead a healthier lifestyle – go the gym more, getting out more/travelling
2. Speaker 2 = to travel more.
3. Speaker 3 = to be fitter – walk rather than take the car, read more, be more organised.

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