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Why teachers love Learn Hot English!

Find out why teachers love Learn Hot English books, materials and teaching products. One of our teachers explains why he likes the materials so much. There are books, courses, video courses, ready-to-go lessons, games, and lots, lots more. All designed to make teaching English fun, easy and highly practical. For lots of great English teaching […]

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Speaking English on the phone: 13 useful phone expressions!

Speaking English on the phone: 13 useful phone expressions! Do you know how to speak English on the phone? How many useful expressions do you know? Try our little quiz below. Then, watch the video to check your answers. This will really improve your spoken English, and help you learn lots of useful phone expressions! […]

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Talking about holidays in English – Sept 11, 2020

Talking about holidays in English – How to describe a holiday in English! When was the last time you went on holiday? Where did you go? How long did you stay there for? Here are 6 useful verbs and expressions that you can use when talking about holidays in English! Level: Pre-intermediate (A2) to Intermediate […]

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Learn English Accents – Southern US English Accent!

Learn English accents – Today the southern US English accent! Do you want to improve your English listening skills? One way to do this is by listening to lots of different accents. All forms of English are more or less the same, but in different English-speaking countries, there are variations in pronunciation and intonation. So, […]

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