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Improve your English with these 8 adjectives for describing someone’s character.

Read the information. Then, do the quiz at the end! Good luck!


If you describe someone as “honest”, you mean that they always tell the truth and never lie.

“She’s extremely honest.”


A messy person makes things dirty or untidy.

“He never puts his things away. He’s just so messy.”

Clever / smart

Someone who is “clever” or “smart” is intelligent.

“She’s really clever. I could never have done that.”


Someone who is “creative” has the ability to invent and develop original ideas.

“He wrote a children’s book, and a series of songs to go with it. He’s just so creative.”


Someone who is “cruel” causes pain (physical or mental) to people or animals.

“It was cruel of him to do that.”


If someone is “boring”, they aren’t interesting.

“She loves to talk about herself. She’s just so boring.”


Someone who is “kind” is gentle, caring and helpful towards other people.

“He stayed up all night helping us. He’s just so kind.”


If someone is “lazy”, they don’t want to work or make any effort.

“She loves to spend all day lying on the sofa. She’s so lazy.”

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