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This is the High-Level course

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cartoon guy teachingHi there! 
I’m Andy, your online teacher. Welcome to your new course. I’m going to help you pass from your current level to become a High-Level student.

To do that, we’ll work together on improving all the key language skills.So, you’ll see sections on:

Vocabulary, Reading, Listening, Grammar, Speaking and Writing

In order to test yourselt, there are quizzes. These will let you check your progress before moving onto the next lesson. Then, at the end of each lesson, there’s a more detailed quiz to make sure you’re on track!

During this this course, you’ll…

• …speak confidently on at least 30 topics.
• …improve your listening skills 100%.
• …learn over 15 important grammar points.
• …know over 1,000 words or expressions.
• …be able to write on a range of interesting topics.
• …be ready to go onto the next level.