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How to Improve Your English For Work

“Confidence with English at work comes with repetition and practice.” – Andy, your English teacher

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Listen to conversations and understand their vocabulary and the accents of the people talking.

Do exercises where you are forced to answer questions that show you understand what people are saying in a conversation.

Repeat the conversations you hear until you are comfortable with the words and phrases.

Choose Your Learning Path

1. Learn on your own with a book and audio files

Learn business English with Business book 1 & 2

English is the universal language of business. And a recent report in Forbes magazine says that English will continue to grow in importance. From China to Australia and South Africa to Sweden, everyone does business in English. However, if you don’t know the right words or expressions, you could soon get into difficulties. Our Business English books will really improve your business English so you can do business in every type of situation!

Pierre from Bordeaux (in France): “I had to do some negotiating in Canada a few months ago. This book really helped prepare me for that and we won the business!”

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2. Follow a pre-set learning path with books and audio

Learn Hot English Unlocked

English Unlocked books allow you to concentrate 100% in order to improve your English vocabulary and grammar and progressing from one level to the next. Each book comes with over 2 hours of audio and video material, with lots of different accents. The recorded conversations are full of useful and practical language to help you listen and speak better English.

Pablo from Barcelona, said: “I bought the Pre-Intermediate level of English Unlocked and it really helped me progress quickly for my IELTS exam. Having a clear plan to follow each day really helps!”

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3. Focus on your Speaking Confidence

Practice English Converstaions front cover socialising

Do you often get nervous or even embarrassed when you have to speak English in public? Simple situations like telling a story, making small talk or ordering a meal in English quickly become a problem. Sounds familiar? Well, you aren’t alone! And we’re here to help with our fantastic eBook Practise English Conversations. Use the book and you will see your confidence levels in English massively increase as a result!

Isabel from Cadiz (in Spain): “I had to meet the big boss from our US office recently, I was so nervous but fortunately I discovered the eBook Practise English Conversations in time, and it really helped me prepare for the conversations we had. And the audios really helped with my pronunciation!”

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