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How to Improve Your English For Travel

“Confidence with Travel English comes with repetition and practice.” – Andy, your English teacher

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Listen to conversations and understand their vocabulary and the accents of the people talking.

Do exercises where you are forced to answer questions that show you understand what people are saying in a conversation.

Repeat the conversations you hear until you are comfortable with the words and phrases.

Choose Your Learning Path

1. Learn on your own with a book and audio files

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Learn over 1,000 English words and expressions so you can speak English fluently when you travel outside your country!

Have you ever had problems with your English while travelling? Are there times when you can’t think of the right word? Do you get frustrated because you can’t say what you want? Travelling abroad should be fun with and with our Travel English eBook it will! Travel English will help you speak English fluently in every possible situation.

Jenny from China said: “I bought this book before I went to Boston, in the USA, and it really helped me in so many different situations!”

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2. Have Fun Learning English on Your Own

Learn Hot English mag 1 cover body language

Learn Hot English magazine is really fun and focuses on the way people really speak. With Learn Hot English you will develop a well rounded level of English – with no gaps! You will start to feel more comfortable, like never before, in so many different areas of English, slang, travel, business, culture…Listen to real conversations on interesting topics and with multiple English accents to improve your listening and comprehension skills.

Matheus Policarpo Serrano said: “It’s the best material ever. I’d recommend it to everybody.”

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3. Focus on your Speaking Confidence

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Do you often get nervous or even embarrassed when you have to speak English in public? Simple situations like telling a story, making small talk or ordering a meal in English quickly become a problem. Sounds familiar? Well, you aren’t alone! And we’re here to help with our fantastic eBook Practise English Conversations. Use the book and you will see your confidence levels in English massively increase as a result!

Isabel from Cadiz (in Spain): “I had to meet the big boss from our US office recently, I was so nervous but fortunately I discovered the eBook Practise English Conversations in time, and it really helped me prepare for the conversations we had. And the audios really helped with my pronunciation!”

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3. Get more confidence via a Video Course

10 videos to improve your spoken english

Being able to watch native English speakers in typical situations is a fantastic way to improve your Speaking, Listening and Pronunciation skills, especially if you are about to travel. Our target language sheets give you all the language being used so you can see exactly how and when it used. The videos are fun and dynamic so you will learn quickly.

Sara from Belgium said: “Being able to see native English speakers speaking in typical situations as part of a video class is really great. They make learning the language points a lot easier and quicker to understand. And because the videos are quite funny, they make learning it enjoyable too!”

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