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Learn Hot English magazine 06
Learn over 1,000 useful words and expressions and improve your listening skills with Learn Hot English! This month we’re looking at 10 movie quotes with the Present Simple. Plus, 10 words for talking about videos, 8 useful expressions for talking about bedtime, idioms, phrasal verbs… plus:

  • Jokes – jokes in English.
  • Functional language – how to avoid a question.
  • Accents – Cockney English.
  • Science – the Ig Nobels.
  • Language – phrasal verb particles.
  • Cinema & TV – costume dramas.
  • Literature – Jane Eyre.
  • Celebrities – Mia Wasikowska.
  • Technology – Steve Jobs.
  • Cuisine – sandwiches.
  • Cinema – Casablanca.
  • Slang – Dictionary of Slang
  • Work – music while you work.
  • Body language – hand gestures.

By reading and listening to all this great content, you’ll improve your English reading and listening skills and learn up to 1,000 useful words or expressions. Plus, you’ll get a better job and pass English-language exams more easily. Guaranteed!