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How to Improve Your Listening Skills

“Confidence with listening and understanding comes with practice.” – Andy, your English teacher

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Listen to conversations and understand their vocabulary and the accents of the people talking.

Do exercises where you are forced to answer questions that show you understand what people are saying in a conversation.

Repeat the conversations you hear until you are comfortable with the words and phrases.

Choose Your Learning Path

1. Learn on your own with a book and audio files

Learn Hot English Unlocked

English Unlocked books allow you to concentrate 100% in order to improve your English vocabulary and grammar and progressing from one level to the next. Each book comes with over 2 hours of audio and video material, with lots of different accents. The recorded conversations are full of useful and practical language to help you listen and speak better English.

Pablo from Barcelona, said: “I bought the Pre-Intermediate level of English Unlocked and it really helped me progress quickly for my IELTS exam. Having a clear plan to follow each day really helps!”

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2. Have Fun Learning English on Your Own

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Learn Hot English magazine is really fun and focuses on the way people really speak. With Learn Hot English you will develop a well rounded level of English – with no gaps! You will start to feel more comfortable, like never before, in so many different areas of English, slang, travel, business, culture…Listen to real conversations on interesting topics and with multiple English accents to improve your listening and comprehension skills.

Matheus Policarpo Serrano said: “It’s the best material ever. I’d recommend it to everybody.”

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3. Learn with a teacher and your (FREE) book

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Learn Hot English Unlocked

What better way to accelerate your learning than by having a helpful, qualified teacher to provide focus and guidance. You can get a qualified teacher via our focused Skype English lessons. If you choose to work with one of our teachers, we will provide you with one English Unblocked book FREE.

​Learn Hot English Really Works:

​Irina from Moscow tried our Skype classes: “I was planning a trip to the UK so I chose 10 sessions related to Situational English for Travelling. I found the course to be really, really focused, each class dealing with a clear learning objective from my list. The classes were great but so too was the online material that I could use both in the class and outside. Doing role plays with teacher in the second half of each class really helped me see how and when to use the language, and better still, helped me remember it!”

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