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How to Improve Your Speaking Skills

“Speaking confidence comes with preparation and practice.” – Andy, your English teacher

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Listen to conversations and understand their vocabulary and the accents of the people talking.

Do exercises where you are forced to answer questions that show you understand what people are saying in a conversation.

Repeat the conversations you hear until you are comfortable with the words and phrases.

Choose Your Learning Path

1. Learn on your own with a book and audio files

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This is a complete learning book, with vocabulary, tests, and audio files so you understand multiple accents and can improve your speaking skills on your own.

​Isabel from Cadiz (in Spain) wrote: “I had to meet the big boss from our US office recently, I was so nervous but fortunately I discovered the eBook Practise English Conversations in time, and it really helped me prepare for the conversations we had. And the audios really helped with my pronunciation!”

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2. Learn on your own with a video course

10 videos to improve your spoken english

Is it easier for you to learn with video?

Your friends at Learn Hot English, are here to help with 10 video lessons to help you improve your spoken English! Our video class series “How to improve your spoken English” will improve your speaking and listening skills, and what’s better, you’ll do it in 10 minutes for each lesson!

​Sara from Belgium said: “Being able to see native English speakers speaking in typical situations as part of a video class is really great. They make learning the language points a lot easier and quicker to understand. And because the videos are quite funny, they make learning it enjoyable too!”

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3. Learn with a teacher and your (FREE) book

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What better way to accelerate your learning than by having a helpful, qualified teacher to provide focus and guidance. You can get a qualified teacher via our focused Skype English lessons. If you choose to work with one of our teachers, we will provide you with a Practise English Conversations book FREE.

​Learn Hot English Really Works:

​Irina from Moscow tried our Skype classes: “I was planning a trip to the UK so I chose 10 sessions related to Situational English for Travelling. I found the course to be really, really focused, each class dealing with a clear learning objective from my list. The classes were great but so too was the online material that I could use both in the class and outside. Doing role plays with teacher in the second half of each class really helped me see how and when to use the language, and better still, helped me remember it!”

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4. Learn with a teacher and your (FREE) book + video classes

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Practice English Converstaions front cover socialising


10 videos to improve your spoken english - How to make a phone call in english

Combine the power of all three methods and make them work for you. Each element complements the others for a complete learning experience.

Buy all 3 and improve your speaking skills faster

Learn Hot English books and video classes really work to improve your speaking skills.

​Miguel from Malaga told us: “I was with a group of English speakers on my first trip to the UK. It was for a conference. During a break, I needed to make small talk in the café, but I’d never done that before. So, it was really uncomforbale and embarrassing as I just didn’t know what to say. If only I’d known about this course before. It really helped me gain confidence with my spoken English in these types of situations.”

​Kateryna from Ukraine said: “Learn Hot English materials are great for improve your speaking and listening. And they explain it very clearly. They use a lot of conversations. I bought the Practise English Conversations book and it really helped to improve my speaking and listening skills. The conversations are great as you learn language for speaking. The audios and videos are short and easy to understand. This helps me listen to English.”

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