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Phrasal Verb Conversations video course sample

Hi, there, it’s Andy here! First, you’re going to learn some useful phrasal verbs related to the topic of driving. Then, you’re going to listen to a conversation with the phrasal verbs and answer some comprehension questions. Finally, do the quiz to see if you can remember the phrasal verbs! So, by the end of this lesson, you’ll have learnt 8 really useful phrasal verbs about driving! Good luck!

This sample comes from our Phrasal verbs conversation video course, check it out here 

First, learn these 8 really useful phrasal verbs about driving!

Run out of petrolGreen Single-cab Pickup Truck Beside a Gas Pump Station
To have no more petrol In the petrol tank.
“Oh, no. We’ve run out of petrol. I told you to stop at that garage back there.”

Write off a car
To completely destroy a car so that it cannot be used any longer.
“We had a crash and completely wrote off the car.”

Drop someone off
To let someone get out of a car.
“Just drop me off at the train station, if that’s Ok with you.”

Set off on a journeyMan Inside Vehicle
To start a journey.
“We set off at 6am this morning and started the walk about 10 minutes ago.”

Turn off
To leave a motorway or road as you are driving.
“You need to turn off at junction 36. Then, you need to take the first turning on the right.”

Do up a seat belt
To fasten a seat belt so it is fixed around your body.
“Even though you’re sitting in the back, you still have to do up your seat belt.”

Caught up in trafficMan Using Smartphone While Driving
To be trapped on a road with lots of cars which are moving very slowly.
“I’m sorry I’m late. I’m caught up in traffic.”

Let down (tyres)
If you “let down” someone’s tyres, you open a valve and let the air out.
“He thinks that someone let his tyres down.”

Conversation: The Scary Ride!  

Listen 1
You’re going to listen to a conversation. Ellie has accepted a lift from her neighbour Gary into the town centre. Listen once without stopping then answer this question. How would you describe Gary’s driving skills? He’s…Man Holding the Steering Wheel While Driving
a) …an expert.
b) …extremely dangerous.
c) …a very cautious driver.
[The answers and audio script are below.]

Listen 2
Listen to the conversation again and answer these questions.
1. What is Ellie looking for in the car?
2. How far down the road do they need to go after turning off at the next exit?
3. Where does Ellie want Gary to drop her off?
4. Why does Gary stop in the end?

Listen 3
When you’ve finished the exercises, listen and read the script at the same time to improve your listening skills!

Listen 1 = The answer is b.
Listen 2
1. Ellie is looking for a one-pound coin in the car.
2. They need to go about 5 miles down the road after turning off at the next exit.
3. Ellie wants Gary to drop her off at the corner.
4. Gary stops because he’s about to run out of petrol.

Audio script: The scary journey!
Ellie: Thanks so much for taking me into the centre.
Gary: No problem. I usually set off earlier, but I should be able to make up for lost time.
Ellie: Great!
Gary: [He drives off very fast.]I’d do up your seat belt if I were you.
Ellie: Yes, sorry, I’m just looking for a one-pound coin I dropped. Ah, here it is.
Driver: Idiot!
Gary: Some people! I just need to turn off at the next exit and then it’s about 5 miles down the road.
Ellie: There’s no need to go quite so fast!
Gary: Oh, it’s all right. I like going fast!
Ellie: Actually, could you drop me off at the corner, please? I think I can probably walk from here
Gary: Don’t be silly.
Ellie: I don’t want you to get caught up in any traffic.
Gary: I’m going into the centre anyway. We’ll be there in no time.
Actually, we’re about to run out of petrol. I’m just going to fill her up. [He stops at a garage.]
Ellie: Phew! We made it. Erm, didn’t you use to have a Ford Focus?
Gary: I wrote it off a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t my fault though.
Ellie: You know, I think I’m going to walk from here.
Gary: Oh, OK. See you later.
Ellie: Bye!
[Speaking to herself.] What a nutter!

Well done! You’ve learnt 8 really useful phrasal verbs, and seen how they can be used in a conversation! 

This sample comes from our Phrasal verbs conversation video course, check it out here 

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