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Phrasal verbs: travel
You’re going to learn some useful phrasal verbs for talking about travel. Then, do the quiz to test yourself.

Head toWoman Eating Bruschetta
To go to
“Head to the main square for a drink in a terrace bar.”

Dine at
To eat at (a restaurant).
“Dine at Stefanos – one of the best Italian restaurants in the city.”

Indulge in
If you “indulge in” an activity, you do it because it’s something you enjoy.
“Holidays are a time to indulge in all those things you aren’t supposed to do, such as eating chocolate!”

Cool offFour Men Sitting Beside Swimming Pool
To become less hot.
“In the summer, you can cool off at one of the city’s many swimming pools.”

Stroll around
To walk in an area with no particular objective.
“Stroll around the palace and enjoy the beautifully laid out gardens.”

Wander along
To walk along a road/path with no particular objective in mind.
“Wander along the canal path and watch the boats slowly drifting up and down.”

Start off
The place where you “start off” a tour (for example), is the place where it starts.
“Start off your tour of the region by visiting one of the many castles.”

Point out
If someone “points something out” to you, they show it to you.
“He pointed out the painting to me.”

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