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Beginner Book SAMPLE unit

Cartoon guy with graduation hatHi, it’s Andy here. This is a FREE lesson from our fantastic Beginner Book. First, learn some useful vocabulary. Then, do the reading, grammar, listening and speaking activities. Finally, do the quiz to see how much language you’ve learnt! Good luck!

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Bank – the place where you keep your money: “I put my money in the bank.”

Cinema – a place where you can watch films: “I saw the film at the cinema.”Indoor Train Station With Few People Waiting for the Train

Train station – a place where trains stop for passengers: “The train station is 5 minutes from here.”

Restaurant – a place where you can eat: “It’s an Italian restaurant.”

Café – a place where you can have breakfast, a coffee, some tea: “I have breakfast at the café.”

Pool / swimming pool – a place where you can swim: “I go to the pool every Friday.”Two Women in Swimming Pool

Shopping centre – a big building with shops, restaurants, cinemas…: “We go to the cinema at the shopping centre.”

Bus station – a place where buses stop for passengers: “The bus leaves from the bus station in 10 minutes.”

Sports centre – a place where you can do lots of sports: swimming, playing volley ball, playing basketball…: “We played basketball at the sports centre.”

cartoon guy teaching

A: Reading

Read the e-mail below. What 6 places does Harry mention?

1. Bus station; 2. ______; 3. ______; 4. ______; 5. ______; 6. ______

Hi Jessica,
How’s it going? We’re in our new house now, and it’s great. There’s a bus station about 50 metres away, and a shopping centre at the end of the street. There are lots of restaurants and cafés near the house too. And there’s a sports centre about 15 minutes away. Oh, and there are two cinemas in the city centre. You must come and visit us!
Speak soon,

B: Grammar 

Affirmative There’s a pen. / There are two pens.

Negative There isn’t a pen. / There aren’t two pens.

Questions Is there a pen? / Are there two pens?

We can use There is / There are to talk about the things that are in a place. For example:
• There is a lion in the zoo.Close-Up Photography of a Lion
• There are three chairs in the room.
We use There is (or There’s) for singular things, and There are for plurals.

Grammar exercises
1 Complete with is / are.

  1. There _____ a bank near here.
  2. There _____ two restaurants in this street.
  3. There _____ two shops near here.
  4. Woman Wearing Gray Tank Top in Bar Counter Attending Costumers
  5. There _____ a cinema in this street.
  6. There _____ two pubs near here.

 2 Choose the correct options.

  1. There is / There are three hotels in the town.
  2. There is / There are a bus stop near here.
  3. There is / There are some shops about five minutes away.
  4. There is / There are a pub on this street.
  5. There is / There are two schools close to here.

cartoon guy listening to music

C: Listening – The house

Amy is at Jamie’s house. Listen and answer the questions.

  1. Is there a train station near Jamie’s house? Yes, there is.White Couch Near Black Mat
  2. Is there a sports centre?
  3. Are there any shops?
  4. Is there a shopping centre?
  5. Is there a cinema?
  6. Is there a restaurant in the park?

Now, listen again with the audio script (see below for the script).


D: Speaking drill

Listen and answer. Respond with Yes, there is / No, there isn’t / Yes, there are / No, there aren’t.

  1. Is there a bank near here? (yes) = Yes, there is.
  2. People Drinking Liquor and Talking on Dining Table Close-up Photo



A: Reading
bus station; 2. shopping centre; 3. restaurants; 4. cafés; 5. sports centre; 6. cinemas

B: Grammar
1 1. is; 2. are; 3. are; 4. is; 5. are
2 1. There are; 2. There is; 3. There are; 4. There is; There are

C: Listening
Yes, there is; 2. No, there isn’t; 3. Yes, there are; 4. Yes, there is; 5. No, there isn’t; 6. Yes, there is

D: Drill

  1. Is there a bank near here? (yes) = Yes, there is.
  2. Is there a cinema in the centre? (no) = No, there isn’t.
  3. Are there any restaurants near here? (yes) = Yes, there are.
  4. Is there a pub near the train station? (yes) = Yes, there is.
  5. Are there any hotels near the park? (no) = No, there aren’t.

Audio script
Listening – The house
Jamie: So, this is the house.
Amy: Very nice.
Jamie: Thanks.
Amy: Is there a train station near here?
Jamie: Yes, it’s about 250 metres away. I can get the train to work.
Amy: Perfect! And is there a sports centre?
Jamie: No, but there’s a swimming pool in the city centre.
Amy: OK. And are there any shops near here?
Jamie: Yes, there’s a big shopping centre about five minutes away.
Amy: That’s great. And is there a cinema?
Jamie: No, but there’s a park really close, and a great restaurant in the park.
Amy: Wow! Hey, I’m hungry. Shall we go to the restaurant?
Jamie: Good idea! I’ll get my coat.

Cartoon guy with thumbs upWell done! You’ve finished the unit!

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