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Vocabulary for the listening!

Cartoon guy with graduation hatHow’s it going? It’s Andy here. Now, I’d like you to learn these words. They’ll help you with the listening activity. Listening to the words and definitions will also help with your pronunciation.

To own: if you “own” something, it’s yours. “She owns six houses and over 20 cars.”

To mistake: if you “mistake” A for B, you think that A is B. “I mistook him for a famous actor.”

A member: if you’re a “member” of a club, you’ve joined it. “Club members don’t have to pay to use the golf course.”

Go for a drink: if you “go for a drink”, you go to a bar, pub, club, etc. so you can have a drink with some friends. “I went for a drink with my friends in the local pub.” 

Of course: We often use this expression when we agree with someone, or when we give them permission to do something. It means something like, “Yes, you can!”
A: Can I sit here, please?
B: Yes, of course!

Help yourself! We use this expression to let someone know they can have something.
A: Could I take this chair, please?
B: Yes, help yourself!

Free: if a seat is “free”, no one is using it and you can take it.
A: Is this seat free?
B: Yes, sure. Help yourself!

I’m afraid…: This expression means, “I’m sorry, but…”
A: Do you know what time the shop opens?
B: I’m afraid I don’t know.

A beer drinker: someone who drinks a lot of beer; a “tea drinker” would be someone who drinks a lot of tea. A heavy drinker is someone who drinks a lot of alcohol. “She’s a heavy drinker.”

cartoon guy teachingVery good! Now try the quiz to see  how much you can remember.

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