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Category: Telephone English

Speaking English on the phone: 13 useful phone expressions!

Speaking English on the phone: 13 useful phone expressions! Do you know how to speak English on the phone? How many useful expressions do you know? Try our little quiz below. Then, watch the video to check your answers. This will really improve your spoken English, and help you learn lots of useful phone expressions! […]

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Telephone English – Useful English phone expressions!

Telephone English – Useful phone expressions to improve your English! Speaking over the phone is never easy, even in your own language. But in a foreign one it’s even harder. For a start, you can’t see the person you’re talking to (in most cases), which makes things even more complicated. But if you learn a […]

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Video Class: How to Make a Phone Call in English

Hi there! Andy here, In this blog post we have something super special for you! How to make a phone call in English We are giving you one FREE UNIT from our “How to improve your spoken English” video course. In the course, there are 10 separate video lessons to learn from. Each lesson comes with a […]

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Phone English 3 Make speaking on the phone easy!

When you have watched this video don’t forget to sign up for our fantastic FREE magazine for learning English here on our homepage: If you ever need to make a telephone call in English then at some stage you will need to ask for something/ make a request over the phone, so its important […]

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