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Teacher Lesson plan – Shopping in English – Sep 24, 2021

Level: Intermediate (B1) to Upper Intermediate (B2) Fun lesson plans from Learn Hot English Shopping in English – video lesson Video: Yes When was the last time you went shopping? What did you buy? How pleased were you with your purchase? Shopping is a nice topic for an English lesson as it’s something we all […]

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City English – Learn some town & city vocabulary

City English – Learn some town and city vocabulary Where do you live? Is it a city or town? How would you describe it? In this English video class, we’re going to learn some useful words related to City English for describing a town or city. And then we’re going to watch a video conversation […]

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How to talk about housework – May 26, 2021

English conversations: How to talk about housework In this lesson you’re going to learn some really useful housework vocabulary. But first of all, what is housework? Be careful not to confuse it with “homework” – the work your teacher gives you to do outside the class. Housework refers to all those jobs at home like […]

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Accessing your Purchased materials

Congratulations! If you are interested in reading this it´s because you have made a purchase on our site and are either an ENGLISH TEACHER or an ENGLISH STUDENT that wants to improve where they are right now. For TEACHERS that means even better materials to make your classes even better and for STUDENTS that means […]

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Turning your Purchased materials into PDFS

For copyright purposes and to avoid plagiarism, we cannot directly give PDFs away, but you can download within the flipbook viewer (on tablets or phone) to read off-line. In addition, there is also a good solution for you to create your own PDFs from the materials , please see instructions below (we suggested to download […]

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