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cartoon guy teachingHi there!
I’m Andy, and this is a sample unit from our fantastic online course. There are three levels: Low-Level, Mid-Level and High-Level.

Each level has 15 lessons with Reading, Listening, Grammar, Video and Speaking & Writing activities, with quizzes to test your progress for all sections.

You will work on improving all the key language skills.So, you’ll see sections on:

Vocabulary, Reading, Listening, Grammar, Speaking and Writing

And there are quizzes to check your progress before moving onto the next lesson. Then, at the end of each lesson, there’s a more detailed quiz to make sure you’re on track! Finally, there’s an end of Course test before you can pass onto the next level.

In each course, you’ll…

• …speak confidently on at least 30 topics.
• …improve your listening skills 100%.
• …learn over 15 important grammar points.
• …know over 1,000 words or expressions.
• …be able to write on a range of interesting topics.
• …be ready to go onto the next level.

Now try out this sample lesson from the High-Level (unit 11). We hope you enjoy it!

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