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cartoon guy pointing at blackboardHi, it’s Andy here. Now, we’re going to watch a video. This will show you the language from this lesson in action! It’s also a great way to see native speakers speaking naturally in realistic situations. Good luck!

What a fright!

Viewing 1
You’re going to watch a conversation. Lisa and Ron are in an abandoned house as it’s raining really hard. Watch the video completely without stopping or pausing. What happens in the end? [answers below]

Viewing 2
Watch the video again (this time pausing where you want, or replaying bits). Then, answer the questions.

  1. 1. What happened to three girls in the house?
  2. When was Ron walking past the house?
  3. What did he hear?
  4. What did he see when he looked in through the window?
  5. What did Ron do when the man screamed?
  6. What does Lisa think about the house?
  7. What does Lisa say about their friend Jemimah who was with them?

Viewing 3
Now, watch the video and read the script at the same time. This is great for your listening skills. If you find any words you aren’t sure of, look them up in a dictionary.

Video script
Lisa: Why didn’t you tell me to bring a jacket?
Ron: Didn’t you have your smart-phone, it literally said it’s going to be raining cold
L: Well, I didn’t look at my phone. And now I’m all wet!
R: Well we’re inside now.
L: It’s creepy, eh?
R: Tell me about it. You heard what happened here right? Yeah apparently three little girls died in this house.
L: Yeah, right.
R: Hey all I know is, what is it? A few weeks ago, I was walking past this very house, because it’s not far from my apartment…
L: Mmm…
R: …and I heard this huge, terrible scream. I mean it was insane.
L: Yeah?
R: You had to be there.
L: Ah-huh.
R: And so, you know, I was a little curious and since I didn’t have anywhere else to be and it wasn’t raining like it is right now, I peeked into the window. The universe is my witness, I saw some old dude holding a lantern. And he looked, he looked way too old to be alive, that’s all I’m saying.
L: No way!
R: He was carrying this large lantern…
L: No way!
R: …and he looked right at me and he screamed the same sound those little girls were screaming. And I ran because that scared the hell out of me.
L: Yeah, well you’re a little wuss. This isn’t that bad, it’s just dark and a little bit creaky. And have you seen Jemimah anywhere?
R: No… no I haven’t.
L: Where did she go? What is that?
R: Ah!


Viewing 1
In the end, a “ghost” appears, although it’s probably their friend Jemimah.

Very good! Now try the quiz to check your answers to exercise 2!

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