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Vocabulary for the listening activity!
cartoon man (Andy Avatar) teachingHi, it’s Andy here! First, I’d like you to learn these words. They’ll help you with the listening activity. Also, listen and repeat the sample sentences to improve your pronunciation. Good luck!

  • A possession = your “possessions” are the things you have or own: “They lost most of their possessions in the fire.”
  • A hole = if there’s a “hole” in the ground, there’s a space in the ground with nothing in it: “There was a large hole in the ground where the house used to be.”
  • A slogan = a short phrase or sentence that companies often use to help them sell products, etc.: “Their company slogan was short and simple: Good Food, Great Life!
  • Damage = if something is “damaged”, it is broken, or something has happened to it so it doesn’t work properly: “There was a lot of damage to the car as a result of the accident.”
  • To assess = when you “assess” something, you think and talk about it so you can decide on its value, importance, quality, etc.: “We need to assess the situation carefully before deciding what to do.”
  • Bankrupt = if someone or a company is “bankrupt”, they don’t have money to pay staff or any bills: “The clothing company went bankrupt last week.”
  • Greedy = if someone is “greedy”, they want to have more of something (money, food, power, etc.) than is necessary or fair: “Don’t be greedy! Leave some food for the others, please!”
  • To replace = if you “replace” an object, you buy a new one because the old one is broken, damaged, etc.: “We’ll have to replace this chair as it’s broken.”
  • To earn = the money you “earn”, is the money you receive for working: “I earnt over $6,000 last month from sales commissions.”
  • A loss of earnings = if someone (such as a freelance worker) suffers a “loss of earnings”, they can’t earn any money from their job because they’re sick, they’ve had an accident…: “He suffered a loss of earnings as a result of the accident.”
  • An insurance company = a company that pays you money if you have an accident, a car crash, a house fire, etc. “I spoke to someone from the insurance company about the car crash.”
  • An insurance policy = in order to receive the money from an insurance company, you need to have a policy (a contract) with that company: “I asked them how much it would cost to renew my insurance policy.”
  • To put in a claim = if you “put in a claim” for compensation, you tell the insurance company about a problem (an accident, etc.) so you can receive money for the repairs, etc.: “She put in a claim for the objects that were stolen from her car.”
  • That’s outrageous! = we use this expression when something bad or terrible happens to us. It’s like saying, “That’s terrible!”:
    A: They said we have to work all weekend for no extra pay.
    B: That’s outrageous!

Now, do the quiz to see how much you can remember!

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