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Vocabulary for the reading activity!
cartoon guy pointing at blackboardHi, it’s Andy here! First, I’d like you to learn these words. They’ll help you with the reading activity. Also, listen and repeat the sample sentences to improve your pronunciation. Good luck!

  • A fright = if something gives you a “fright”, it makes you feel frightened or scared: “That loud noise gave me a fright.” 
  • A bridge = a wooden or metal object that you can use to cross a river or road: “We have to cross the bridge to reach the other side.”
  • A tranquiliser gun = a weapon that shoots a dart (a sharp object) that can make animals sleep: “The zoo officials shot the escaped tiger with a tranquiliser gun.”
  • To rush to = if you “rush to” a place, you go there quickly: “I had to rush as I was late.”
  • Life-sized = a “life-sized” object is the same size as the real version of it: “He makes life-sized sculptures of people.”
  • Stuffed = if a toy (such as a teddy bear) is “stuffed”, it’s filled with cotton or another soft material: “My son sleeps with a stuffed elephant every night.”
  • A creature = an animal, especially an unusual or strange one: “There are lots of creatures in the woods.”
  • Short-sighted = if you’re short-sighted, you can’t see things properly when they’re far away. “Near-sighted” in US English: “Can you see what that sign says? I’m a bit short-sighted.” 
  • To run off = if you “run off” from a place, you leave that place quickly: “I told him to stop, but he just ran off.”
  • To expect = if you “expect” something to happen, you think it will happen: “I expected rain, but so far it’s been a nice day.”
  • Scared = if you’re scared, you’re afraid or frightened: “The sudden noise scared me.”
  • Amused = If you’re “amused”, you think something is funny: “I was amused by the jokes.”
  • To mistake = if you “mistake” A for B, you think A is B: “I mistook Sandra for Rachel because they’re both tall with dark hair.”

Very good! Now try the quiz to see how much you can remember!

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