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Vocabulary for the reading activity!
Cartoon man (Andy Avatar) waving - How to make a phone call in EnglishHi, it’s Andy here! First, I’d like you to learn these words. They’ll help you with the reading activity. Also, listen and repeat the sample sentences to improve your pronunciation. Good luck!

  • A suit = clothing that consists of a jacket and trousers (or a skirt) of the same colour and material: “He wore his new suit to the wedding.”
  • A gift = a present you give someone for their birthday, Christmas, etc.: “They gave her a gift for passing the exam.”
  • A tea bag = a little bag filled with tea. You put it into a cup with hot water to make a cup of tea: “I bought a box of 50 tea bags.”
  • To waste = if you “waste” money, you use it to buy something you don’t really need: “He wasted his money on a new car that he never used.”
  • To boost = if you “boost” something, you improve or increase it: “The new measures were designed to boost tourism.”
  • A vending machine = a machine that sells drinks, sandwiches, chocolate bars, etc.: “I got a cup of coffee from the vending machine.”
  • A seminar = a meeting in which a group of people discuss a problem or learn about something: “There was a seminar on world health issues.”
  • A council = the government of a city or town: “The council voted in favour of creating more cycle lanes.”
  • An allowance = an amount of money they give you at work (for example) for a specific purpose (for travel, accommodation, food, etc.): “At work, she has an allowance of £300 a month for travel expenses.”
  • Staff morale = the feelings of confidence, satisfaction and happiness that staff (workers) have: “Staff morale increased after the company weekend at an expensive hotel.”
  • A rubber bullet = an object made of rubber that is fired from a gun. The police often use “rubber bullets” against people who are protesting violently: “He was hit in the leg by a rubber bullet.”
  • To splash out = if you “splash out” on something (often something expensive), you buy it without worrying about whether you really have enough money for it: “She splashed out on a new dress for the party.”
  • A twin town = “twin towns” (or cities) are similar towns (in terms of size, etc.) from different countries (or regions) which establish official links so they can increase trade, share ideas, promote culture…: “The English city of Coventry is a twin city with Dresden in Germany.”
  • A skip = a very large, metal container for rubbish: “There was a skip outside the house because they were renovating it.”
  • Installation art = a large work of temporary art that is created in a specific place (a building, the street, a train station, etc.): “The piece of installation art consisted of a large pink plastic tree with a thousand sweets on it.”

Now, do the quiz to see how much you can remember!

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