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Teacher Lesson plan – Shopping in English – Sep 24, 2021

Level: Intermediate (B1) to Upper Intermediate (B2) Fun lesson plans from Learn Hot English Shopping in English – video lesson Video: Yes When was the last time you went shopping? What did you buy? How pleased were you with your purchase? Shopping is a nice topic for an English lesson as it’s something we all […]

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City English – Learn some town & city vocabulary

City English – Learn some town and city vocabulary Where do you live? Is it a city or town? How would you describe it? In this English video class, we’re going to learn some useful words related to City English for describing a town or city. And then we’re going to watch a video conversation […]

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Networking in English – Sep 3, 2021

Networking in English Have you ever done any networking in English? Networking is an important skill that you can use to get a new job, connect with other professionals or increase business. But how can you network in English? In this English video class, we’ll show you how to network in 5 easy steps. After […]

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