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Learn 7 expressions for describing someone! Jan 15, 2020

7 expressions for describing someone! In this lesson, you’ll hear Rachel talking to Josh about one of her clients. [see below for the video script] First, you’re going to watch a conversation with Josh and Rachel. Then, we’re going to look at the 7 expressions they use. Finally, you can try a little quiz on […]

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English conversation practice: Shopping! Dec 18, 2019

English conversation practice: Shopping!  When was the last time you went shopping? Not very long ago, I imagine. After all, shopping is something we all do at least once a week! So, as a result it’s a great topic of conversation for language learners like you. So, just to help you talk about this popular […]

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10 things you really should know about Thanksgiving! Nov 20, 2019

10 things you really should know about Thanksgiving! Have you ever heard of the festival Thanksgiving? It’s really popular in the United States, and it’s an extremely important part of their culture. In this lesson, I’ll be telling you a few interesting things about the festival, as well as some Thanksgiving trivia, quotes, poems and […]

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