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Learn about Tex-Mex food in the US – Jul 21, 2021

U.S. culture: Learn about Tex-Mex food in the US! What are some typical dishes from your country? The US has influences from all over the world. This often leads to incredible combinations of food, such as Tex-Mex. This type of cuisine originated in Texas (in the south of the US) and combines Mexican and American […]

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Giving information in English – Jul 15, 2021

English conversations: Giving information in English! When was the last time you had to answer a question in English? Did you have to pass on any information? Did you need to explain what someone said? Did you have to give details about a situation? Sometimes, we need to explain things to other people. And we […]

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Fun Teacher Lesson – How to win an argument! Jul 6, 2021

Fun lesson plans from Learn Hot English How to win an argument! Level: Upper Intermediate (B2) to Advanced (C1) Audio: Yes What’s the best way to win an argument? There are several tricks that experienced speakers use to gain an advantage. In this fun and practical lesson, your students will learn about some of these […]

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Teachers Lesson Plan- Bear Fight! – Jun 10, 2021

Fun lesson plans from Learn Hot English Hailey & the bear – did she do the right thing? Level: Advanced (C1) to Proficiency (C2) Video: Yes Imagine you’re at home and a large brown bear walks into your back garden…. ………All of a sudden, your pet dogs run over to it and start barking; and […]

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