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Congratulations! If you are interested in reading this it´s because you have made a purchase on our site and are either an ENGLISH TEACHER or an ENGLISH STUDENT that wants to improve where they are right now. For TEACHERS that means even better materials to make your classes even better and for STUDENTS that means […]

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Making requests & asking questions in English Jan 13, 2021

English conversations: Making requests & asking questions in English! When we speak with other people, we often need to ask them questions, or make a request in English (ask for something we want or need). When we do this, we sometimes first explain the situation, and then ask a question or make a request. For […]

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Describing a situation in English – Jan 5, 2021

Describing a situation in English English conversations  When was the last time you had to describe a situation in English? We often need to do this. For example, we might need to explain what is happening at home; or we may need to talk about a problem to a doctor; or we might have to […]

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Teachers – Christmas Lesson Plan – Xmas censorship Dec 15, 2020

Teachers – Christmas Lesson Plan – Xmas censorship Fun lesson plans from Learn Hot English Xmas censorship! Level: Mixed Level Audio options Video: Yes WARNING: the article and song in this Christmas lesson plan contain terms that some people may find offensive, although they’re used in context. Please check over it carefully before deciding whether […]

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