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English Teacher – How to start with Learn Hot English

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We have a lot of tried and tested teaching resources in our Teacher section 

Looking for fun stuff then check out our Games Pack,  some great for warmers or for a break from the norm in class.

Do you ever wonder when different tenses should be introduced depending on the level? when should students start learning the second conditional? Modal verb? Passive voice? Our English Unlocked series does all the thinking for you in terms of the academic year course design, allowing you to focus on making each class as good as you can.

Teaching corporate classes then our Business Skills book is a really practical solution

Need to give your students a work out? Increase your students’ speaking fluency with our Language Drills! try our book on Language drills

Or perhaps with so many classes and never enough time, you just need to take some weight off your shoulders and have more lesson plans prepared for you, our Ready to Go Lessons for busy teachers are photocopiable, well structured, fun classes all with audios and divided by level that you can just go ahead and use, check them out here

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