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    The Complete Learn Hot English method for Teachers

    For the busy teacher that needs to be fully covered to give great English classes, always. This lifelong access option not only gives you all of our Teaching products, but now also all our Student products as well! SAVE 185€ off our quoted prices . Make your life easier now, save time planning your classes but at the same time give better classes. This digital extravaganza over the course of 1 year will cost you just 0.65 centimos per day! And for year 2 onward, absolutely nothing!

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  • Learn Hot English teacher products

    Buy all our Teaching products and get a 35% discount

    Be completely covered and have access to all of our Teaching products, buy all of them and get a huge 35% discount on all our quoted prices, save 58€.

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    Looking for some fun activities to do in your English classes?

    Do you sometimes find your students aren’t motivated? It’s a big problem because students learn more when they’re fired up. And they remember (and like) teachers who give them fun classes while helping them learn quickly and easily at the same time. But let’s face it, planning dynamic and fun English language classes every week can take a long time. We can help you save time and get lots of fun classes at the same time!

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