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Looking for interesting, fun & practical  English language materials for your school or company?

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Have you had students asking about online options for them to study, as part, or separately, to their English classes with you? If the answer is YES then you may be interested in our NEW product! The Complete English Course!

This is a great option for both TEACHERS with students or ACADEMIES

See our blog post to understand the advantages of the The Complete English Course!


NEW for ACADEMIES and TEACHERS – Online courses for your STUDENTS looking for an ONLINE COURSE OPTION (3 Levels)

Learn Hot English can offer you a fantastic online course option for your students – The Complete English Course!

You can even brand it with your OWN LOGOS!

Very reasonable prices and discounts offered for volume and of course for Teacher access.

Take a look at some samples here;

See a sample Lesson from the Low-Level!

See a sample Lesson from the Mid-Level!

See a sample Lesson from the High-Level!

Great discounts for Teachers and Academies when you buy your student access codes, you can buy them from us at discounted rates and sell them onto your students at the price you decide… OR …. have them buy directly from us, whatever works for you! 

For Academies in Spain the The Complete English Course! complies with all the requirements for the FUNDAE so can be used in conjunction with Fundae financed company classes

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you the teacher or your academy satisfy your students online needs then contact us at to find out about discounts and options.

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We motivate our students by providing them with materials that are interesting, practical and fun so they’ll enjoy learning. And as you know, it’s easy to learn something when you’re having a good time. Our materials could do the same for your organisation too!

Our materials are for ages 16 to 106 years of age and have been tried and tested successfully in our classes over many years.

They can work equally well as part of a self study program, or within a Skype or in-person classroom schedule.

Click here to see a free sample for English Teachers 1

Click here to see a free sample for English Teachers 2

Click here for a free sample from a book for students 

Our books and video courses are really popular with students and teachers from all over the world

And Learn Hot English materials are available in paper and digital format (any device)

Check out our range of Teaching products here

Check out our range of Students products here


They’re interesting, practical and fun, and will motivate your students to learn English quickly and easily,

As part of our services to schools and companies, we offer:

  • Excellent discounts for volume purchases
  • Digital and paper options available
  • Worldwide shipping.
  • Branded materials with your logo.
  • Free Teacher’s Guides for volume orders.
  • Printable, photocopiable materials available on any device.

If you want your students or employees to learn English the fast, fun way, you’ll love our materials.

They’ve been created by teachers, for teachers. And by using our materials, we’ll save your teachers preparation time, and ensure the classes you offer have structure and a way of measuring progress.

How can you get started if you’re interested in receiving materials for your company or academy?

Take a look at our site, to see what materials you like, Teachers and Students  area for example

Then, get in touch with us at and we’ll take it from there.

Find out what people think of our materials

Jessica Jones [teacher, Paris, France]
I used Travel English in my classes. I wanted to give my students a break from the normal book, and offer them some really practical language. This book was perfect. We ordered 30 copies, and they gave us one free copy for the teacher. The books arrived in perfect condition, and the students loved it. I put in the order through their website, and it all went really smoothly.

Gavin Ramsay [director, Moving On Courses Ireland]
“Learn Hot English materials are fantastic. Our English teachers at Moving On use their materials all their time to give dynamic classes, and the students love them. We have been collaborating with Learn Hot English for a number of years and during that time they have shown they know how to create fun and above all really useful materials for students who are serious about improving their English. I would recommend anyone looking to progress quickly with their English to try them out!”

Take a look at our site, to see what materials you like, Teachers and Students  area for example

Then, get in touch with us at and we’ll take it from there.