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  • Want to stay motivated & learn quicker? You will enjoy learning faster with our monthly magazine!

    Staying motivated to learn English can be difficult when the materials are boring. But this is where the monthly magazine, Learn Hot English magazine can help. Our completely up to date, really fun magazine with 60 minute audio, has lots of interesting articles, practical expressions and vocabulary pages that will keep you motivated to learn faster! 4 different levels inside each magazines means there is something for everybody

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  • Back issue magazines selection with audios

    Do you ever feel that your text books DO NOT teach you REAL ENGLISH!

    Bored? lacking motivation? feeling that the way English is really spoken in real life seems to be very different to your text books?

    Learn Hot English magazine is really fun and focuses on the way people really speak. With Learn Hot English you will develop a well rounded level of English – with no gaps! You will  start to feel more comfortable, like never before, in so many different areas of English, slang, travel, business, culture…

    Buy a discounted magazine pack of 12, 24 or 36 back issues, delivered to you immediately. PAPER and DIGITAL copies available

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  • Studying English from home? Get a clear path, mapped out for you by experts, to achieve your learning goals

    Do you sometimes feel lost learning English with so many options: course books, magazines, classes…? It’s hard to choose the right method. And it’s difficult to know what to study first and in what order. Does the Present Perfect tense come before the Past Simple? What expressions should I learn for my level? What type of audio files should I listen to so I can improve my listening skills? If you need some direction, our English Unlocked book series can really help. Click below for more details.

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  • Socialising Bk cover with headphones

    Improve your spoken English with us today!

    Do you often get nervous or even embarrassed when you have to speak English in public? Simple situations like telling a story, making small talk or ordering a meal in English quickly become a problem. Sounds familiar? Well, you aren’t alone! And we’re here to help with our fantastic book Practise English Conversations.  Use the book and you will see your confidence levels in English massively increase as a result!

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  • Travel English book cover with headphones

    How to speak English fluently when you travel abroad!

    Learn over 1,000 English words and expressions so you can speak English fluently when you travel outside your country!

    Have you ever had problems with your English while travelling? Are there times when you can’t think of the right word? Do you get frustrated because you can’t say what you want? Travelling abroad should be fun with and with our Travel English eBook it will be! Travel English will help you speak English fluently in every possible situation.

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  • Woman with headset at laptop

    Master Spoken English, without leaving your home or office, with your personal native English Teacher

    There is no substitute for speaking in English but just speaking without a clear plan, or no one to correct your mistakes, will lead to very slow learning.
    That is why in our Skype classes you not only get a FREE eBook of your choosing (worth 12 euros) that will give you a clear plan in your classes, you also get an experienced native English teachers giving you focused classes on pre-defined objectives. Try out a TRIAL class for just 6.50 euros and see for yourself.

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  • Learn business English with Business book 1 & 2

    How to improve your business English!

    Learn over 1,000 English words and expressions to improve your business English!

    English is the universal language of business. And a recent report in Forbes magazine says that English will continue to grow in importance. From China to Australia and South Africa to Sweden, everyone does business in English. However, if you don’t know the right words or expressions, you could soon get into difficulties. Our Business English books will really improve your business English so you can do business in every type of situation!

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  • Mags, books and video course covers

    The complete Learn Hot English method If you are really serious about improving your English then this is the option for you! Save a HUGE 101 euros off our quoted website prices when you choose this option. This is a great investment in your English learning future, if you study just 15 minutes per day with […]

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  • Phrasal verbs eBook 1 and 2 with audios

    How to learn phrasal verbs in English!

    Do you know what the main difference is between an intermediate and advanced level English student? That’s easy! Advanced learners can use and understand phrasal verbs much more easily.

    Native English speakers use them all the time, so you need to learn phrasal verbs in English too. If you don’t, you aren’t going to advance as quickly as you want. This is where we can help. And the solution is simple: buy our Phrasal Verbs eBooks and start improving this important area of English NOW!

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  • Learn English idioms eBooks 1 & 2 with audio

    Learn lots of English idioms and perfect your English

    Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to understand native English speakers? One of the main reasons is that they often use idioms. And the problem with this is that idioms aren’t easy. In fact, sometimes they just don’t seem to make any sense. However, our Idioms eBooks can really help you learn English idioms quickly. Start improving this important area of English NOW!

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  • 10 videos to improve your spoken english - How to make a phone call in english

    Improve your English quickly through our focused video courses

    Being able to watch native English speakers in typical situations is a fantastic way to improve your Speaking, Listening and Pronunciation skills, our target language sheets give you all the language being used so you can see exactly how and when it used. The videos are fun and dynamic so you will learn quickly.

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  • Man on phone / Woman on phone

    Phrasal verbs video course

    Native English speakers use phrasal verbs all the time. So, you need to learn the most common phrasal verbs to help you follow conversations better.

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