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 10 reasons why The Complete English Course is great for teachers & academies!

Are your students working from home? Do they need a distance learning option?

If you’re a teacher or academy looking for an online course for your students – one that covers everything they need for their level – we’ve got the perfect solution for you: The Complete English Course!

With more and more students learning through video-phone platforms like Zoom, Teams or Hangouts, it’s important to have a course that students can use anywhere in the world and that can accompany the Teacher led classes. However, it also needs to be one that covers everything and that lets you monitor and track your students’ progress.

Well, The Complete English Course does all this… and more. Watch this video on 10 reasons why The Complete English Course is great for your students and find out more about it!

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In this video, you’ll see for yourself…

1 …why it’s such a complete course!
2 …how it can provide structure to your classes!
3 …why it’s great for homework!
4 …how easy it is to use in class!
5 …why it’s fantastic for speaking activities!
6 …how it can help your students learn vocabulary!
7 …why it’s great for listening activities!
8 …how it can help your students understand grammar!
9 …why it’s great for writing activities!
10 …how the tracking works so you can monitor students’ progress easily!

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