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  • 4 Learn Hot English Magazines

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  • Learn business English with Business book 1 & 2

    How to improve your business English!

    Learn over 1,000 English words and expressions to improve your business English!

    English is the universal language of business. And a recent report in Forbes magazine says that English will continue to grow in importance. From China to Australia and South Africa to Sweden, everyone does business in English. However, if you don’t know the right words or expressions, you could soon get into difficulties. Our Business English books will really improve your business English so you can do business in every type of situation!

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  • Mags, books and video course covers

    The complete Learn Hot English method

    You get instant digital and permanent access to all of the products;

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  • English UNlocked Books collection with audios

    Do you want to improve your English vocabulary & grammar? The path to success starts here!

    Do you sometimes feel lost learning English with so many options: course books, magazines, classes…? It’s hard to choose the right method. And it’s difficult to know what to study first and in what order. Does the Present Perfect tense come before the Past Simple? What expressions should I learn for my level? What type of audio files should I listen to so I can improve my listening skills? If you need some direction, our English Unlocked book series can really help. Click below for more details.

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  • Back issue magazines selection with audios

    Learn English slang & colloquial expressions and speak English like a native!

    Why are you learning English? To get a better job, to pass an official English exam? To travel? To talk to friends in English or meet new people? Whatever, the reason, one big problem is staying motivated. And it’s even harder when the materials are boring. But this is where Learn Hot English magazine can help. Our magazine has interesting articles, practical vocabulary pages and useful topics that will keep you motivated, and help you learn to speak English the way native speakers do!

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  • Man on phone / Woman on phone

    Phrasal verbs video course

    Native English speakers use phrasal verbs all the time. So, you need to learn the most common phrasal verbs to help you follow conversations better.

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  • Shype logo on laptop with coffee

    Really improve your spoken English! Try a Skype class today for only €6.50! Sign up now for a Skype class with one of our native English teachers. It’s a great way to find out how powerful and effective our focussed Skype courses really are. During the class your teacher will… …identify your English level. …find […]

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Mags, books and video course covers
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