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Free Samples Of E-Books & Courses

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Student Products

Sample – How to improve your Spoken English – Video course

Sample – Practice English Conversation eBook
Sample – Phrasal Verbs eBook 1
Sample – Phrasal Verbs eBook 2
Sample – Idioms eBook 1
Sample – Idioms eBook 2
Sample – English Unlocked Beginner eBook
Sample – English Unlocked Pre-Intermediate eBook
Sample – English Unlocked Intermediate eBook
Sample – English Unlocked Upper Intermediate eBook
Sample – English Unlocked Advanced eBook
Sample – Business English eBook 1
Sample – Business English eBook 2
Sample – Learn Hot English Magazine
Sample – Travel English eBook

Teaching Resources

Sample – The Pack For Teachers
Sample – Teaching Business English
Sample – Games Packs For Teachers
Sample – Language Drills For Students

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