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Sample clips from videos we’ve done

Clip 1 – the radio studio
So, we film against a greenscreen then put the background on afterwards. In this clip Casey (the host) has a list of questions she’s asking the “actress”. Sometimes, you can refer to notes in the videos.

Clip 2 – general chat
Some of the videos are just general chats. So, each person has something to say, and you say it when you can in a very informal and general conversation. Remember, there’s no need to learn any lines – just general ideas.

Clip 3 – vox pops
These are videos where we pretend to interview someone in the street and they answer by looking straight into the camera. For example, Max was asked about the best way to save money and gave his own opinions on the topic.

Clip 4 – YouTubers
Some of the videos are like YouTubers speaking directly to the camera. For these ones, it’s very important that you react to what the person speaking is saying. So, you use your face, body, etc. to react to anything that someone else is saying. See how Holly (who is in the middle) does this very well.

Clip 5 – Teleprompter videos
For these videos, you can see a computer screen with the text on it and you just have to read it. The screen is just next to the camera and the text is very big so it’s easy to see. However, you have to make it interesting, and you also have to react to what the other person says, as both Amy and Casey do very well.