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26 tips to improve English during the holidays!

Tips to improve English

When the holidays come around, it’s always tempting to relax and not do much. However, it’s important to keep up with your English! The best thing is to do a little bit every day. Here are a few fun tips to improve your English during the next holiday.

1, Learn a new word or expression every day and try to use it in a sentence.

2, Read a book over the holidays. Try setting yourself the goal of just 10 pages a day.

3, Sign up for a language-learning newsletter and receive free content via e-mail or mobile phone text messages.

4, Listen to or read the lyrics to a song. Once you’ve learnt it, sing along to the song… or sing it to some friends.

5, Learn as many words as you can from one lexical set: the computer, sports, hobbies, pets, the pub, etc.

6, Watch a film in English with the English subtitles switched on. Try watching a film that you’ve already seen in your own language. You’ll find it much easier to follow.

7, Write updates on your Facebook or Twitter page in English. Alternatively, write a blog in English and share it with your friends.

8, As you’re doing something, describe what it is in English. For example, “I’m writing a report. / I’m sending an e-mail. / I’m jogging in the park.”

9, Speak in English with your friends for ten minutes every day.

10, Get a private teacher and have a conversation with him/her for an hour a week. Foreign students in most towns or cities would be more than happy to earn €15 to €20 an hour just for chatting. Alternatively get yourself an English teacher to learn from over Skype!

11, Read an article online in your own language. Then, copy and paste the text into “Google Translate” and translate it into English. Once you’ve done that, read the English translation of the article. As you’ve already read it in your own language, you’ll be amazed at how much you understand.

12, Chat with other language learners (or native speakers) in online forums.

13, Next time you need to look something up online, go to the English-language version of Wikipedia (or any other online encyclopaedia) and read it in English.

14, Get a monolingual English dictionary and use this to look up words. Reading the definitions in English will really improve your English.

15, Learn the phonetic script and use this to find out how words are pronounced in English.

16, Set the language on your digital TV set to English and watch an English-language TV series for half an hour a day.

17, E-mail your friends in English once a week. Insist that they reply in English.

18, Download some information on a hobby of yours and read about it in English.

19, Find an English channel and put the radio on in the background while you’re working at home or in the office.

20, Watch your favourite  English language TV series in English! As you’ve already seen it in your own language, you’ll be able to follow it much more easily.

21, Read an article in English and find 10 words or expressions that you like. Then, write them out onto vocabulary cards. Remember to include the words in example sentences as they’ll be easier to learn like this. Then, carry them around with you and try to memorise them. The following day, write out 10 more.

22, If you’re feeling tired, just lie down on the sofa and listen to an English-language podcast or YouTube video. The language will just soak into your brain and you’ll be learning without making an effort!

23, Get the script for one of your favourite English-language films or TV series. Find a monologue or dialogue that you like and see if you can learn it. Later, play the clip and try to speak along with the actors.

24, Watch children’s cartoons or programmes. The language tends to be a bit easier to follow. Also, read children’s books. The pictures make it easier to read.

25, Read an article in English in an online newspaper site such as the Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, the Independent, etc. Then, post a comment in the “comments section” (which usually appears at the end of the article). Read over other people’s comments, too. Sometimes, they’re more interesting than the actual article!

26, AND, we of course leave the best until last! Read, watch and listen once a day for 10 minutes to all the great English lessons on the Learn Hot English BLOG

Have fun! And happy learning!

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