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5 Unusual Sports

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 What sports are you into? football? tennis? swimming? If you’re looking for a change, you might like to try one of these.

1 Octopush

Octopush (or underwater hockey as it’s also known) is a form of hockey that’s played in a swimming pool. Participants wear a mask and snorkel and try to move a puck across the bottom of a pool. The sport has become popular in countries such as the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. An ability to hold your breath for long periods of time is a definite plus.

2 Zoobombing

Zoobombing involves riding a children’s bike down a steep hill. The sport originated in the US city of Portland in Oregon in 2002. Participants carry their bikes on the MAX   Light Rail and go to the Washington Park station next to Oregon Zoo (which is why it’s called “zoobombing”). From there, they take a lift to the surface, and then ride the mini-bikes down the hills in the area.

3 Office chair racing

Office chair racing consists of racing down a hill in office chairs that can reach speeds of up to 30kph. Strict rules are in place for competitors: they’re allowed to fit in-line skate wheels and handles to their chairs, but no motors. “We check each chair carefully in advance,” one of the organisers explained. The participants race in pairs wearing protective padding as they launch themselves from a ramp. Prizes are given to the fastest competitors and also for the best-designed chairs.

4 Fit 4 drums

Fit 4 Drums is a new form of cardio-rhythmic exercise. Led by an instructor, the class involves beating a specially-designed drum with two sticks while dancing at the same time. It’s the first group fitness activity where you get to play a drum while getting an intense workout. A sense of rhythm is a definite advantage!

5 Horse boarding

Horse boarding involves being towed behind a horse at 35mph on an off-road skateboard. Professional stuntman Daniel fowler-Prime invented the sport after he strung a rope between his off-road “mountain board” and a horse. Participants stand on a board while holding onto a rope, attempting to maintain their balance as the horse gallops ahead. “The horse rider and boarder have to work together because if they don’t the boarder goes flying,” Daniel explained.

So, which sport would you like to try?

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