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Are you sure you know how to say website addresses?

 You may have a very good level of English, but are you sure you know how to say website addresses? Many of my students think they can, but they often make mistakes. But don’t worry, by the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to say website addresses perfectly!

Ready? OK, let’s go! Here are our 8 useful tips for saying website addresses.

1 .com

This symbol (.) is a dot. For example: .com

2 www

When speaking, we don’t often say the “www” bit, but if you do need to say it, you can say “double u, double u, double u”. For example:

3 All together!

Notice how we say all the words in the middle together: “iloveenglish”.

We often tell people about this:

“That’s iloveenglish – all one word – dot com.”

4 Upper & lower case

It’s also important to let people know about capital letters. We could indicate that it’s “lowercase” or “upper case”. We often tell people this by saying something like:

“That’s iloveenglish – all lower case – dot com.”


“That’s ILOVEENGLISH – all upper case – dot com.”

5 Endings

If the dot is followed by an organisation such as “org” or “net”, we often say them as a word. For example:

However, if it’s a country code, we usually pronounce each letter of the country code separately.

For example:






the USA            

the UK              

6 Dash / underscore

We say dash* for this symbol: ( – )

And underscore for this symbol:  (_)

*dash – some people also use the term “hyphen” too.

7 Slash

For this symbol (/) the general term is “slash”.

However, you might need to distinguish between the two types:

  • (/) = “forward slash”
  • (\) = “back slash”.


We don’t often say the “https” bit, but if you do, you’ll need to know how to say this symbol (:) which is a “colon”:


Oh, and we say hashtag for this symbol #

Useful expressions

Here are some useful expressions to use with website addresses.

  • What’s your website address?
  • Could I get your website address, please?
  • What’s your company website address, please?
    • Is that all lowercase?
  • Is that a dot or a hyphen?
  • Is “iloveenglish” all one word?

REMEMBER to watch the video as it’s got a useful exercise and a conversation with people exchanging website addresses!

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