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Learn English and have fun at the same time!

Plus, fun quiz: Have you got a sense of humour? We all know that learning is easier when the class is relaxed. But did you know that you can Learn English and have fun with humor?

Learn more words!

According to scientific research, laughter releases chemicals (dopamine and serotonin) in the brain that make us feel good. It also activates a part of the brain that stimulates long-term memory. So, through humour, you can remember more words and expressions.

Learn faster!

But that’s not all. Having a sense of humour can make you learn more quickly. If you’re the type of person who can accept mistakes as part of learning, and even see the funny side of them, you’ll find learning a lot easier.

The thing is, if you aren’t making any mistakes, you aren’t pushing yourself. And if you aren’t pushing yourself, you’re learning very slowly.

Learn from your mistakes!

Of course, pushing yourself can be a bit embarrassing at times. While I was learning Spanish, I made lots of silly mistakes. Once, I was in a swimming pool and I noticed an elderly lady who was having problems breathing. I wanted to ask her whether she was tired (cansada) and if I could help, but I ended up asking her if she was married (casada). She left the pool in shock as I tried to explain my mistake.

Cartoon man with hands on face

However, thanks to that mistake, I never forgot the difference between those two very similar Spanish words: cansada-casada.

Cartoon guy with thumbs up - How to pronounce English

Anyway, in today’s lesson, we’ll help you learn lots of useful language with a quiz while you learn English and have fun. And as you’ll enjoy taking it, you’ll find it easier to learn and remember the language because it’s written in a fun and funny* way. Don’t believe us? Just try it for yourself.

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*Fun & funny
Something “fun” makes you feel happy; something “funny” makes you laugh.
Before doing the quiz, here are some useful words and expressions to help you. Ready? OK, let’s go!
To rush somewhere
To go somewhere quickly: “I rushed home.”
pop into a place
enter a place quickly and for a short period of time: “I popped into the shop to get a drink.”
A noticeboard
A piece of wood, cork, metal, etc. attached to the wall with messages, posters, pictures, reports, etc. on it: “There was a photo from the party on the noticeboard.”
pin (up)
To put something on a noticeboard or the wall with a pin or drawing pin (a small sharp object for fixing paper, etc.): “I pinned the poster on the noticeboard.”
rip down
If you “rip something down”, you take it down quickly, and aggressively or violently: “She ripped the poster down from the wall.”
A practical joke
A trick that is designed to make someone look silly or ridiculous, etc.: “She played a practical joke on me.”
pick up (the phone)
answer the phone: “The phone was ringing but I didn’t want to pick it up.”
To smash
If you “smash” something (such as a glass), it breaks into little pieces: “I accidentally smashed the glass.”
To challenge someone
If you “challenge” someone, you invite them to fight or have a competition with you: “I challenged him to a game of table tennis.”
A nap
A little sleep, often in the afternoon and usually for about one hour: “I had a little nap before going out.”
To lighten up
If you tell someone to “lighten up”, you’re telling them to relax and be less tense and serious: “You need to lighten up!”



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