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Learn gossip vocabulary with our VIDEO class!

When was the last time you talked about a friend… behind his or her back?

What did you say about him or her?

Did you pass on any juicy (interesting) information about their private life?

We all enjoy a bit of gossiping (talking about other people) every now and then, don’t we?

In this fun lesson, you’re going to learn GOSSIP vocabulary, useful expressions for talking about other people.

Then, you’re going to listen to a conversation and answer some questions.

Finally, you can do a quiz to see if you can remember the words.

By the way, conversations are a GREAT way to learn a language. Why? Because the language in conversations is the type of language that you can use when you’re speaking English too! So, are you ready? OK, let’s go!

Level: Pre-Intermediate to Upper Intermediate (A2-B2)
Video? YES!


Here are some useful words that appear in the video.

1 Curious

If you’re “curious” about something, you really want to know about it. For example, “I’m curious to know who he’s going out with now.”

2 To be up to

The things that someone is “up to” are the things they’re doing, or they’ve been doing lately. For example:

“What’s she up to these days?” (What is she doing these days?)

3 Be with

The person you “are with” is the person you’re going out with. For example:

“Is she still with Pete?”

4 Gossip

Information about someone’s private life. Also, a verb, to gossip. For example:

“I have a bit of gossip about Jessica.”

5 To tell

Remember, we use the verb “to tell” with an object (me, you, them…). For example:

“I told her about Mike and his new girlfriend. / Don’t tell anyone what I told you. / She told Pete the secret.”

And we “say” something. So, “say” is followed by either a noun or a full sentence. For example:

“I said I was hungry. / He said it was the correct answer. / I said the wrong thing.”

6 To move in together

If a couple move in together, they start living together in the same house. For example:

“They want to move in together.”

7 To break up

If a couple “break up”, they stop having a relationship. For example:

“They broke up after a six-month relationship.”

8 Never would have imagined

The things you “never would have imagined” are the things you thought could never happen – the things that no one would ever do. For example:

  • “I never would have imagined they would get married.” (I never thought they would get married.)
  • “I never would have imagined that Pete was going to pass the exam.” (I never thought he was going to pass the exam.)

Video conversation

You’re going to watch a conversation with Terry and Stephanie. They’re talking about their friend, Pete. Watch the video and answer the questions. Remember, for the first time, you should watch the video from start to finish without stopping and try to understand as much as possible. After that, you can watch it again, pausing or stopping it wherever you like. [answers below]

  1. How does Terry keep in touch with Pete?
  2. Where was he working before?
  3. Where is he working now?
  4. Who is he going out with now?
  5. What do Pete and his new girlfriend want to do?
  6. What is Stephanie going to try to do?

Watching & reading!

Now watch the video and read the script (see below) at the same time. This is great for your listening skills!


Now talk about this topic with a friend or classmate. Make notes and try to use as much of the new language as you can.


Try our little language quiz to see how much you can remember. [answers below]

Complete the sentences with the correct words from below.


said       tell      correct       with      move     up       curious      gossip     broke
  1. Don’t _______ anyone what I told you.
  2. How’s Jessica doing? Is she still _______ Pete?
  3. I’m _______ to know who he’s going out with now.
  4. I think I _______ the wrong thing.
  5. I have a bit of _______ about Jessica.
  6. They _______ up after a four-month relationship.
  7. He said it was the _______ answer.
  8. What’s she _______ to these days?
  9. After six months in a relationship, they decided to _______ in together.



  1. tell; 2. with; 3. curious; 4. said; 5. gossip; 6. broke; 7. correct; 8. up; 9. move


Video script

Stephanie: So, I’ve been meaning to ask you, have you talked with Pete at all recently? I’m just curious to know how he’s doing.

Terry: Actually, actually, no I haven’t spoken to Pete in ages, but we do keep in touch with social media, like Facebook and Instagram, so I know he’s doing well but we haven’t actually spoken.

S: OK, so what is he up to? I’m just curious.

T: Well, he left his job in the supermarket and he’s changed to a big bank. And, so, he’s very happy with his new job because it’s more stable; he’s travelling abroad a lot for meetings and conferences, so in this aspect he’s very happy.

S: My gosh, that’s so great, erm and is he still… what was her name? Sarah? Is he still with Sarah?

T: Oh, Sarah, no. I have gossip for you.

S: Oh, oh my gosh.

T: He and Sarah broke up, but now he’s with Jenny, who is Mark’s ex-girlfriend. [Yes! I remember.] So, don’t tell anyone.

S: OK, oh my God I won’t; no way!

T: And, as a matter of fact, they’re thinking of renting a house together, or buying a house together. They want to move in together. And this fits in with Pete’s plan because as you know he is flipping houses. He’s buying houses, fixing them up and selling them for more money.

S: Oh my God, Pete! I never would have imagined this; he sounds like he’s doing great!

T: Pete’s grown up.

S: Oh my gosh, I’m going to try to find him on Facebook and reach out.

T: Good idea.



  1. How does Terry keep in touch with Pete? Through social media
  2. Where was he working before? In a supermarket
  3. Where is he working now? In a big bank
  4. Who is he going out with now? Jenny
  5. What do Pete and his new girlfriend want to do? Move in together
  6. What is Stephanie going to try to do? Find Pete on Facebook



  1. tell; 2. with; 3. curious; 4. said; 5. gossip; 6. broke; 7. correct; 8. up; 9. move


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