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The Importance of the English Language

Be honest, how many times has learning English gone walkabout from one New Year´s resolution to another?

How often did you start a new life on Monday by learning a new foreign language, but continue to mark the time?

It’s hard to exaggerate the importance of knowing English in a modern world, it’s not an asset anymore, but a must.

The reason behind why learning is just a goal on paper is simply due to low motivation.

But what if I tell you that for people with fluency in English it is possible to monetize their knowledge and make 12% more than other employees.

Let’s scrutinize the 5 main reasons to start speaking English without hesitation.

Land a Job in Another Country

Foreign language is a ticket to better career opportunities. Research shows that only 18% of qualified employees do not use English while performing their work duties. In 2019 the job market reflected that 33% of all vacancies required English conversation knowledge or even a business proficiency in it.

That simply means that one-third of the labor market is locked for you, even in the case you are a great specialist. Here listed below are just a few opportunities, which become available for foreign language speakers and can influence the income greatly:

  • Career perspectives within international corporations. World industry leaders and giants with headquarters in New-York, London, or any other European capital city have a corporate culture to communicate in English inside the organization. Even if you are employed in a field office, it will be impossible to interact with the management or colleagues from other countries, and as a result, perform the duties on a high level.
  • The United Nations, OSCE, World Bank will not even consider your job application, unless it is written in English. But even if you are confident in your knowledge, an unfortunate error in a cover letter or a typo in a CV can nullify all the efforts. Before clicking the button ‘Submit’ make sure to go through the spell check.
  • Enter the freelance market. Considering an option working from the beach cafe in Punta Cana or with a view of the Eiffel Tower, then freelance platforms are the best way to start. This market doesn’t have borders, so English is a key to reading the contracts and communicating with your customers.
  • Joining the IT market. This industry has grown rapidly through the last decade and even tech guys, who don’t need to interact with the clients, should understand English to keep up with the team, complete the task, and to be aware of the latest releases.
  • Globalization has brought a totally different perception of working abroad. It is not a miracle or an unfeasible dream anymore. But still, it is a question of high competition. Besides being a great professional with unique skills, a person should know the language on the level of a native speaker and be ready to go the extra mile. Why else should an employer prefer a foreigner?

Open a Harvard Door with Fluent English

A degree from a Ivy League university is a meal ticket, which was affordable for the elite only for so many years. Now the doors are opening and a talented kid even from the developing or third country can catch a wave by being submitted to a top-notch school, often with a scholarship.

If you don’t have such ambitions for yourself or your children, an international degree, recognized worldwide, wouldn’t happen to be an extra. Besides good education, this is also an opportunity to receive a better job offer in the future and become a part of the international community. Many foreign colleges provide great support for their alumni.

But there is one condition that should be followed. All universities and colleges require an application and personal statement essay and no doubt it should be written in English. The next challenge is to get a high score on the international exam like IELTS or TOEFL and it takes years of preparation.

So if you are dreaming of a Harvard diploma, keep in mind that this is a long-term goal, which requires a few years of dedication to learning a language.

English is a King of Information

Who owns the information, owns the world. This saying belongs to Nathan Mayer Rothschild and dated 1815, but still no less relevant. In the digitalization era, it is crucial to be the first to get the information as every second counts. However, a huge amount of information on the internet is in a foreign language and it can be accessed at the moment unless you need to translate it.

Get the Best of Entertainment with Foreign Language

English erases cultural differences. It opens a world of traveling, where you can meet various people from around the globe, learn more about their life, create friendships, or even long-lasting relationships.

This is a great accomplishment to read a book in the  original language or understand that your favorite love song is actually not written about a sausage.

Keep the Brain Busy

Scientists keep telling us, that learning a language at any age increases brain activity. It contributes to memory development and improves cognitive function. In simple words, it makes you smarter and keeps the brain in tonus.

Keep calm, learn English, and don’t forget to double-check your grammar and spelling.



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