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Improve spoken English – 7 quick tips!

Discover 7 really useful ways that you can really improve your spoken English.

Do you want to improve your spoken English? It’s simple with our ideas! Learn how to improve spoken English with our 7 quick tips. Discover 7 really useful ways that you can really improve your spoken English. They’re easy to use, and the results are immediate!

Tip 1 Reading out loud!

So, get your course book, or a magazine you’re reading or anything and choose a paragraph, and read it out loud, speaking it. This will get you used to saying words, putting words together, and repeating them, which is very good for your spoken English.

Tip 2 Repeat language!

Repeat words, expressions, and other language in sentences or phrases; repeat them over and over again until you can say them really fluently. For example, I went to the shops last night, I went to the shops last night; the more you say it, the more it becomes ingrained and fixed in your brain, and then later when you’re speaking, it’ll come out naturally, and in a phrase which is great for your fluency.

Tip 3 Practise telling stories!

First, write out in note form the story you want to tell, then using those notes, practise telling the story. Now this story could be something that happened to you, it could be from your course book or from a magazine, just choose whatever you want, just practise telling it, and when you feel comfortable telling it, you can tell it to friends or teacher or someone you speak to on Skype, or whatever. The more you practise it, the better you’ll get at telling it, OK?

Tip 4 Memorise language!

Try and memorise as many phrases and expressions as you can. You can do this by writing them out, or by repeating them over and over again out loud so that you’ll be speaking normally. And the more you do this the more they’ll stick in your brain. And then when you speak them, they’ll come out naturally; so these are phrases like, “Oh that’s interesting,” or, “I never knew that,” or, “That must’ve been scary.” Just keep repeating them, keep writing them and saying them, whatever you need to do for you to memorize them and remember them.

Tip 5 Simultaneous speaking!

Simultaneous speaking – it sounds complicated but it’s quite easy. So, it’s something as easy as, you take a song and you try and sing along to it, in English of course, you try and sing along to it at  the same time. Or you take an audio file, and you listen along to it, and as you listen to it you read it at the same time. And as you read it, you try to say it at the same time as the other person speaking. So, you’re trying to copy the intonation, the pronunciation, the word stress, the sentence stress. This will really help with spoken English.

Tip 6 Practise forming questions!

So, take your course book once again, or an exercise sheet, or something online and look at a sentence and see if you can transform that into a question. Making questions is quite difficult if you haven’t been practising it. So, for example, seeing the sentence, “She’s seen the film,” so you need to transform it into a question: “Has she seen the film?” So the more you do this the more fluent and quicker you’ll become making questions. This is really important to your spoken English, because questions are a great way to keep a conversation going. You don’t have to talk as much because the other person will also be talking.

Tip 7 Listen to English!

My favourite, and for me this is the best way to learn a language, and one of the best things you  can do to improve your spoken English is by listening to the language. The more you listen and the more you start to understand, the better your speaking will be because you’ll hear how the words go together, you’ll hear expressions, and the more you hear them the more you remember them, and then you can use them too. So you’ll do less of trying to think what to say, and more expressions and phrases coming out naturally, and that’ll really make you sound good,

OK? So there are seven quick tips on how to improve your spoken English. Thanks so much for watching and if you like it, please like the video, or subscribe to the channel. And for more exercises, more expressions, and more free lessons, go to our blog. OK? See you again soon. Bye!

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