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Talking about holidays in English – How to describe a holiday in English!

When was the last time you went on holiday? Where did you go? How long did you stay there for? Here are 6 useful verbs and expressions that you can use when talking about holidays in English!

Level: Pre-intermediate (A2) to Intermediate (B1)

To visit

If you “visit someone”, you go to the town or city where they live so you can be with them for a period of time.

To walk through

If you “walk through” a city (for example), you see the city on foot (while you’re walking).

To rent

If you “rent” a bicycle (for example), you pay money so you can use the bicycle for a short period of time.

To stay

If you “stay” in a hotel (for example), you pay for a room in the hotel for one night, two nights…

To be like

We can use the expression “to be like” to ask for a description of someone or something:

A: What was the weather like

B: It was really hot.


A: What was the hotel like?

B: It was lovely.


A: What’s he like?

B: He’s really nice.

To cost an arm and a leg

This idiomatic expressions means “to be very expensive”: “Her new car cost an arm and a leg!”

English conversation

You’re going to watch a conversation between Kevin and Mallory. Watch it and answer these questions. [answers below]

1 Where did Molly go?

2 How long did she go there for?

3 What form of transport did she use to see the city?

4 What did she see there?

5 What was the weather like?

When you’ve answered the questions, watch the video and read the script at the same time to develop your listening skills. Then, use the verbs and expressions to talk about a holiday or trip you went on.

Video script

Kevin: So, tell me about your weekend. What did you do?

Molly: I went to Amsterdam this weekend.

K: Really? I love Amsterdam.

M: It was amazing.

K: Tell me about it.

M: So, I was visiting a friend who lives there, so we did all sorts of things. We

walked through the city, erm rented some bikes, so we got to bike through the

city, it was so fun.

K: Excellent, so what did you see?

M: Well, I stayed in a super fancy hotel, right in the centre of the city – it cost an

arm and a leg – but I was able to walk out and see the museums, the canals, I

rented a boat one day. It was awesome.

K: Oh, fabulous. And did the weather cooperate for you?

M: It was a little rainy, but I feel like when in Amsterdam, it’s OK.

K: OK, excellent! And did you visit any museums?

M: I didn’t get a chance to go into any, but I did walk by and appreciate the


K: OK good! Next time!

M: Next time!

K: Next trip.

M: There will be a next time.

K: Perfect.


1 Where did Molly go? Molly went to Amsterdam.

2 How long did she go there for? She went there for a weekend.

3 What form of transport did she use to see the city? She used a bicycle to see the city.

4 What did she see there? She saw the museums and canals.

5 What was the weather like? It was rainy while she was there.

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