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Valentine´s day vocabulary

When was the last time you went out on a date? Did you tell anyone about it? Talking about dates and love in general is always a fun topic of conversation. So, just to help you, we’re going to teach you some great Valentine´s day vocabulary. This will include 5 really great expressions that you can use immediately when you talk to friends… or lovers!

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[see below for the video script]

Valentine´s day vocabulary

  • First, you’re going to watch a conversation with Charlotte and Jimmy. They’re telling each other about people they were in love with. So, first I want you to watch the conversation.
  • Then I’m going to show you expressions that are really useful.
  • Finally, you can go to our blog to try a little exercise to see how much you can remember.

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Remember, for the first time, you should listen from start to finish without stopping and try to understand as much as possible. And as you’re doing that, I want you to answer one simple question: What do both speakers say about the people they went out with? Were they perfect or terrible?


OK, did you enjoy the conversation? So, what did the two speakers say about the people they went out with? Well, the truth is they both thought they were terrible, and not worth going out with at all.

Right, so, let’s look at some expressions now.

1 To fall in love

“I fell completely and madly in love with him,” Charlotte said. If you fall in love with someone, you start to love them very much, and often very quickly, OK?

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2 Have nothing in common

Charlotte said, “We had nothing in common.” If you have nothing in common, you have no similar interests, you like completely different things. Some people might think that’s good in a relationship, but in this case, Charlotte didn’t think it was good.

3 Not work out

Jimmy said, “Sometimes, things just don’t work out.” If things don’t work out, they aren’t successful. They aren’t good in the end. Did it work out? No, it didn’t work out in the end. It wasn’t successful, OK?

4 Have a crush on someone

Jimmy said, “I had this crush on a girl.” If you have a crush on someone, you really like them, you love them a bit, you really like them in all sorts of ways. OK?

5 To hit it off

Jimmy said, “We hit it off.” If you hit it off, you start to have a good relationship; things go well in the relationship. You become friends, you hit it off. Did it go well? Yeah, we hit it off, means we had a good relationship. We were talking well, we were listening to each other, it was good. OK?

Now it’s time to try our little exercises!

Exercise 1

Complete the sentences with the correct words. [answers below]

  1. If you have no similar interests with someone, you have nothing in _______ with them.


  1. If you start to have a good relationship, and things go well, you really _______ it off.


  1. If you really like someone and you love them a bit, you have a _______ on them.


  1. If things aren’t successful and they don’t go well, they don’t _______ out.


  1. If you start to love someone very much, and often very quickly, you _______ in love with them.

Exercise 2

Complete the sentences with the correct words.


  1. I’ve had a _______ on him ever since I was really young.


  1. It was a great date and we got on really well as we just have so much in _______ with each other.


  1. The date didn’t go too well, and things just didn’t _______ out.


  1. I _______ in love with her the minute I saw her.


  1. We had a great time chatting and laughing. We really _______ it off.


  1. common; 2. hit; 3. crush; 4. work; 5. fall; 6. crush; 7. common; 8. work; 9. fell; 10. hit


For more expressions to talk about LOVE, check out Learn Hot English magazine

Video script J = Jimmy     C = Charlotte

Valentine´s day vocabulary

Andy   Hi, how’s it going? Do you know how to talk about love in English? It’s an important topic because, let’s face it, we’ve all fallen in love at some point in our lives. So, in this lesson, you’re going to learn some really useful expressions to talk about love. First try and watch the conversation, and then we’re going to look at the useful expressions. OK? Now, Sean and Jimmy are talking about people they’ve fallen in love with, and went out with. While you’re watching the video I want you to think about one simple question: What do they think about these people they went out with? Were they good or were they terrible? OK? See you in a bit.
J: So, how’s it going? Tell me about the new guy.
C: Ugh, the new guy. So, here’s what happened, right so, remember I said I saw him in
the gym? He was so attractive and I fell completely madly in love with him like I was
smitten for a good month. I finally talked to him, we went out on a date and it
J: Oh no, a disaster, what happened?
C: Well, we just, we had nothing in common at all. Like, I was crazy about him and
then we started talking, and I learned–you know how obsessed I am with dogs.
J: Of course.
C: He’s a cat person.
J: Oh no, no, it can never happen.
C: No, and I wake up at six in the morning; he wakes up at two in the afternoon. So, we
didn’t really fall in love, I kind of was just really attracted to him and that was it.
J: And that’s it, yeah sometimes things don’t work out, [No.] and unfortunately I know
what you’re going through.
C: Really?
J: Because the same thing happened to me recently.
C: Tell me.
J: I finally had the opportunity to go on a date with a girl that I fell in love with when I
was a child. [Wow.] I had such a crush on this girl. She was a few years older than me,
but she always had a boyfriend, I always had a different girlfriend, and then finally one
day we met in the bank waiting at the ATM and we hit it off, and I thought it was going
to be perfect.
C: That’s so romantic.
J: Yes, so we went on two dates or three dates but more and more, I noticed some
obsessive behaviour starting with her.
C: Really?
J: Yes. She was texting me at all hours; she wanted to know who I was with at all hours; why was I with them? What were we talking about? You know, very very jealous and sort of a control freak. So last weekend I had to say sorry, maybe this isn’t going to work out.
C: OK, so you’re single?
J: And you’re single.
C: Do you wanna… go to a movie?
J: Let’s go to the movies! Come on!
C: OK!

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