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Learn 8 REALLY USEFUL useful verbs and prepositions!

Hi guys! And welcome to your Hot English Lesson. In today’s lesson, you’re going to learn 8 really important expressions. Now, these expressions consist of verbs and prepositions that go together, just like best friends! OK?

You’re going to listen to Nate (US English) and Casey (US English) explaining all about these expressions. OK? Then, afterwards, you can do a little test on our blog, just to see how much you remember. OK? Bye!

1. Add to

If you “add A to” B, you put A into B.

“You need to add a bit more salt to this soup.”

2. Agree with

If you “agree with” someone, you think that what they say is good or right.

“I agree with most of what they’ve said.”

3. Apply for

If you “apply for” a job, you complete a form or attend an interview so you can get the job.

“He applied for the job but didn’t get it in the end.”

4. Approve of

If you “approve of” something, you think it’s right or good.

“We didn’t approve of the solution to the problem.”

5. Apologise for

If you “apologise for” something, you say sorry.

“They apologised for being late.”

6. Argue with

If you “argue with” someone, you talk angrily with them, often using aggressive language.

“We argued with them over payment for the damaged goods.”

7. Belong to

If something “belongs to” you, it’s yours.

“This jacket belongs to Ben.”

8. Complain about

If you “complain about” something, you say why you don’t like that thing.

“They were complaining about the service they’d received in the hotel.”

Hi, guys, and welcome back.

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Language quiz!

Try our little language quiz to see how much you can remember. [answers below]

What’s the preposition?

Complete each sentence with the correct preposition.

  1. Who does this pen belong _______?
  2. She was complaining _______ the mess.
  3. You don’t need to add any more sugar _______ it.
  4. They don’t approve _______ our behaviour.
  5. I’d like to apologise _______ my behaviour last night.
  6. I can’t say I agree _______ your analysis of the situation.
  7. She applied _______ the job.
  8. I don’t want to argue _______ you about it.


  1. to; 2. about; 3. to; 4. of; 5. for; 6. with; 7. for; 8. with

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