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Asking for information in English

You can learn lots of useful English by listening to conversations. And it’s a great way to improve your language skills. When people have conversations in English, they generally use practical language for communication. So, all the vocabulary and expressions they use are useful for you too. Plus, when you listen to a conversation, you can hear how these words and expressions are used in real life. All of this will help you speak more fluently. For this fun activity, simply watch the conversation clips and answer the questions related to Asking for information in English. Good luck! 

Level: Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate (A2-B2)

Video activity

You’re going to watch some video clips from our fantastic online Complete English Course! Watch the video and try to answer the questions that appear at the start of each clip.




Here are the questions for you to answer. [answers below]

  1. What does the man want to buy in the shop?
  2. What does the woman want to ask the man about?
  3. What film did the woman watch?
  4. What has the woman on the right bought?

Watch & read!

After you’ve finished, watch the video and read the script at the same time. This is great for developing your listening skills as you can see the relationship between the spoken and written words.

Video script

Clip 1

Shopper: Er, are you a sales assistant, or do you just dress like that?

Assistant: Yeah, I work here.

S: Er, so I was just in the bathroom erm, here in the store, and I really like the toilets. I was wondering, can I buy one of those toilets here at the shop?

A: Yes, on the fifth floor in the bathroom section.

S: Alright, well, I have some other questions here about other stuff…  [fades out]

Clip 2

Woman: Hey, excuse me [Yes?], I’m working with a media marketing company, and

we’re asking a few people about health and wellness. Do you mind if I just ask you a

few questions?

Man: Yeah, no, no worries, of course.

W: Thank you so much. Er, I’m just curious, do you do daily exercise?

M: I try to [Okay], I try to [You try to]. I try to get up early in the morning and do some exercise. [fades out]

Clip 3

Kate: I had a cozy night in on Saturday with wine and popcorn. I watched one of my favorite movies ever which is Oceans 11 [ooh]. Do you know it?

Elizabeth: I have seen it, yeah.

K: Yeah, oh my god, I just, just love it. [fades out]

Clip 4

Jessica: So, what did you buy?

Steph: Well, I bought a few new pairs of trousers, and some new earrings.

J: Nice! Where did you go?

S: The main shopping centre, but, er, I ended up in GAP.

J: Oh, okay. [fades out]

The Complete English Course

By the way, these clips come from of the Low-Level of The Complete English Course. Our 3-level online course will ensure you make real progress, improve all areas of English at the same time and increase your English level. Each level will improve your Speaking, Pronunciation, Listening, Reading, Vocabulary and Writing. For more information on this fantastic course and to try some sample lessons, please visit:  Answers

  1. What does the man want to buy in the shop? He wants to buy a toilet.
  2. What does the woman want to ask the man about? She wants to ask the man about health and wellness.
  3. What film did the woman watch? She saw the film Ocean’s 11.
  4. What has the woman on the right bought? She has bought a few pairs of trousers and some earrings.



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