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Jokes to Learn English – Understand English humor with 8 little jokes!

Understanding jokes is a great way to learn about a country’s culture and sense of humor.

Plus, you can learn lots of new words, and improve your listening and speaking skills. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to understand English humor with 8 little jokes.


First, let’s learn some words that appear in the jokes. This will help you understand the little jokes.

To get to a place

If you “get to” a place, you arrive there; if you “get to” the throne, you become king or queen. A “throne is a special chair for a king-queen.


The castle where King Arthur lived. King Arthur was a mythical English king who fought against Saxon (Germanic) invaders in the 5th to 6th centuries. He was married to Guinevere, and was helped by a wizard (a male witch) called Merlin.

A laptop

A portable computer. Literally, your “lap” is the front part of your legs when you sit down.

A knight

A “knight”was a man of noble birth during medieval times (the 13th century, for example). It’s pronounced the same as “night”.

Sneakers (US English)

Sport shoes. “Trainers” in British English.

With all my heart

If you love someone “with all of your heart,” you love them completely and totally

Higher education

A general word to refer to education after you leave school. It includes universities, colleges, etc.

A ruler

A long piece of flat wood, plastic or metal that has straight edges and is marked with

centimetres. A “ruler” is also a person who rules (controls) a country: a king, queen, emperor, etc.

To run out

If you “run out” of a room (for example), you leave it while you’re running; if a battery “runs out”, it stops working because it isn’t charged.

Listening activity

Look at the questions  (1 to 8) and the answers below (a-h). See if you can match them. Then, listen to check your answers.


1 Why did the child study in an aeroplane?
2 When is a piece of wood like a king?
3 What is the first thing a king or queen does when they get to the throne?
4 Why does history keep repeating itself?
5 What was Camelot known for?
6 You know why I wish I was born 1,000 years ago?
7 What did the painter say to his girlfriend?
8 How do you stop your laptop battery from running out?
a Its “knight” life.
b Sit down.
c You hide its sneakers.
d I love you with all of my “art”.
e Because he wanted a higher education.
f When it’s a “ruler”.
g Because we weren’t listening the first time.
h Just think of all the history I wouldn’t have to learn.

Listen &read

Now listen to the audio and read the script at the same time. This is great for your listening skills!


Now try telling three of the little jokes to a friend, colleague or teacher. Try to use as many of the words and expressions as possible. Don’t read it out word for word! If you want, use notes to help you remember it. This is great for your speaking skills, and it’ll really help you remember the new words and the grammar!



1E   2F   3B   4G   5A   6H   7D   8C

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