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English conversations: Talk to people in English – Go on, try it!

When was the last time you discussed something with someone? You know, the last time you talked to someone about what you want, need or think? We seem to spend most of our lives talking about things with other people: describing situations, speaking about what we want, explaining why we can or can’t do something…In this video, you’ll learn lots of useful expressions to talk to people in English and for discussing ideas in English.

As part of this, you’ll watch some video clips form our Complete English Course and answer some questions. This will help you improve your listening skills and teach you lots of useful words and expressions to talk to people in English! Good luck!

Level: Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate (A2-B2)

Video activity

You’re going to watch some video clips from our fantastic online Complete English Course! Watch the video and try to answer the questions that appear at the start of each clip.


Here are the questions for you to answer. [answers below]

  1. What type of company does the woman on the far left have?

  2. When did the man on the far left leave his phone in the shop for repairs?

  3. Where did the blonde woman go on holiday?

  4. What does the mum (the blonde woman on the left) offer to do for the couple?

Watch & read!

After you’ve finished, watch the video and read the script at the same time. This is great for developing your listening skills as you can see the relationship between the spoken and written words.

Video script

Clip 1
Woman (Right): Hi there, so, thank you very much for coming in. Er, you can start your
presentation whenever you’re ready, and at the end we’ll probably ask you a few
questions. I’m an investor, and we are both investors.
Woman (Left): Great, OK, thank you so much. Well hi, I’m Sarah Gladwell, er, I am a
fashion guru and I’m pitching my sock business, called Sockaholic, for you today. I am
initially asking for $200,000, $200,000 for a 10% share in my business.
Er, our customer motto is…
Clip 2
Customer: Hey, guys. Hello? Hello!
Man (Middle): Yeah, what do you want?
Woman: Hi.
Customer: Er, I left my phone here three weeks ago to be fixed, and, er, I haven’t heard
anything back about it.
Man (Middle): Yeah, er, you think you can come back, later?
Customer: No, I can’t.
Man (Middle): I’m on lunch.
Woman: I’m on coffee break.
Customer: Yeah, no, I can’t come back, sorry. I would, but I’m in a bit of a, bit of a
Man (middle): What’s your name?
Customer: Greg.
Woman: Greg.
Customer: Greg Greggs.
Woman: Can you find Greggles here?
Clip 3
Host: Hi guys, and welcome to the travel show. In today’s show we will be discussing
what to do when you have a complaint about a hotel, destination, or tour company.
First, we thought we’d ask a couple people on the street what their worst trips were like.
Woman: The worst trip I’ve ever went on… Well, I read about this amazing ski resort in
the Swiss alps, so we booked a trip and we went, but when we got there it was a total
dump. The wall papers were peeling, there were bed bugs, stains on the sheet, it was a
nightmare. On top of that…
Clip 4
Mum: Sammy, honey, is this your date? Hi, I’m Sammy’s mum!
Sammy: Mum, mum, this, we’re, she’s just a friend.
Mum: What’s your name, sweetheart?
Sarah: Er, I’m, I’m Sarah.
Mum: Hi, Sarah! Would you two lovebirds like something to eat?
Sarah: Well, I’m kind of hungry.
Sammy: Er, I’m fine, you’re hungry?
Sarah: Well…
Mum: I can make something in the kitchen…
Sammy: Mum, we’re going to go out actually.
Mum: OK, well I’ll just be in the kitchen, not listening, just cleaning!
Sammy: OK, thanks mum.
Sarah: Nice to meet you!

The Complete English Course

By the way, these clips come from of the High-Level of The Complete English Course. Our 3-level online course will ensure you make real progress, improve all areas of English at the same time and increase your English level. Each level will improve your Speaking, Pronunciation, Listening, Reading, Vocabulary and Writing. For more information on this fantastic course and to try some sample lessons, please visit:  


  1. What type of company does the woman on the far left have? She has a sock company
  2. When did the man on the far left leave his phone in the shop for repairs? He left it there three weeks ago
  3. Where did the blonde woman go on holiday? She went to a ski resort in the Swiss Alps
4. What does the mum (the blonde woman on the left) offer to do for the couple? She offers to get them something to eat.

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