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 10 top tips for doing English online phone classes! 

Are you teaching video-phone classes?

How are they going?

There are lots of differences from the usual face-to-face class. And a lot of new things to learn.

So, just to help you, we’ve prepared

10 top tips for doing video-phone classes!

They’ll really help you give great classes, and make sure your students get maximum benefit from this way of teaching. Ready? OK, let’s go!

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Video summary

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn in the video.

1 Sharing the screen!

Find out how to share the screen with your students and learn about some cool things to show them!

2 Using the chat option!

Discover the wonders of the “Chat” feature, and what you can use it for, so your students learn even more.

3 Create a Whatsapp group!

Learn about using Whatsapp to make your classes even more dynamic and easier to manage!

4 Using our materials in class!

Find out how to use our materials in class so your students can really enjoy the lesson and learn lots of English.

5 Using audio from our books!

Learn about using audio files in class and see a demonstration with some of our materials.

6 Accessing our books!

Discover how easy it is to access material from our platform. This will make your classes even better!

7 Using video from our books!

Find out about using video files in class and see some examples from our materials.

8 Using online videos!

See what other types of videos you can use and how to incorporate them in class.

9 Language drills!


Learn about using language drills in class, and how your students can benefit from them.

10 The proficiency pack!

Do you have any Advanced or Proficiency students? Find out about our fantastic Proficiency Pack, full of class ideas for really high-level students, and how to use it in video-phone classes.

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