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What are your New Year’s resolutions?

To that question you may be asking us, What is a New Year`s resolution?

Well, basically, a New Year’s resolution is a firm decision made on New Year’s Eve (31st December) or New Year’s Day (1st January) to do something (or to stop doing something) over the course of the coming year. For example: “He’s determined to keep his New Year’s resolution to get fit / One of her New Year’s resolutions is to save 10% of her salary every month.”

1 Pre-listening

Look at this list of New Year’s resolutions (promises you make to yourself to lead a better life). Which ones have you ever tried to make? How did it go? Which ones would you like to make this year? Why?

• Eat healthy food
• Stop smoking
• Get fit
Learn a language
• Recycle more
• Spend more time with the family
• Pay off any loans
• Write a diary
• Lead a healthier lifestyle
• Go to the gym
• Host more dinner parties
• Get outside more
• Launch a business
• Take up yoga
• Use the car less
• Go to bed earlier
• Pay any bills promptly
• Do up the home
• Eat less junk food
• Be more punctual
• Learn a new skill
• Walk more
• Watch less TV
• Adopt a pet
• Read more
• Be more organised
Travel more
• Find a romantic partner
• Donate money to charity
• Go on a road trip
• Get some new clothes
• Cook more at home
• Drink less alcohol
• Be more on top of the paperwork at home

2 Listening I

You’re going to listen to three people talking about their New Year’s resolutions.
Listen once. Were any of the resolutions you chose for the Pre-listening task mentioned?

3 Listening II

Listen again. What are the various New Year’s resolutions for each speaker?
1. Speaker 1 =
2. Speaker 2 =
3. Speaker 3 =

Answers below


1. Speaker 1 = To eat healthier food (more fruit & veg* vegetables) ; stop smoking, lead a healthier lifestyle – go the gym more, getting out more/travelling
2. Speaker 2 = to travel more.
3. Speaker 3 = to be fitter – to walk rather than take the car, read more, be more organised.

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