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Phone English 3 Make speaking on the phone easy!

When you have watched this video don’t forget to sign up for our fantastic FREE magazine for learning English here on our homepage: If you ever need to make a telephone call in English then at some stage you will need to ask for something/ make a request over the phone, so its important […]

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How to make small talk in English!

How to make small talk in English! You may be able to give a speech or talk about your favourite topic, but can you make small talk? Small talk is when you chat about the weather, cinema or family while you’re at lunch, in a pub or waiting for the lift. In business, small talk […]

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How to learn phrasal verbs easily

How to learn phrasal verbs easily Native English speakers use phrasal verbs all the time. So, if you want to learn English, you’re going to have to learn them too. But what’s the best way to learn phrasal verbs? As you probably know, a phrasal verb is formed by a verb and a particle. This […]

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