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If you ever need to make a telephone call in English then at some stage you will need to ask for something/ make a request over the phone, so its important to know the correct English expressions to ensure SUCCESS!

Giving details of a call

I’m calling about X.
I’m calling to confirm the meeting tomorrow.
I’m calling in connection to the meeting tomorrow.
I’m calling up with regard to the advert in the local paper.
I’m calling regarding the meeting tomorrow.
It’s about the job that’s being advertised. [informal]

Making special requests I

Could you repeat that, please?
Would you mind spelling that for me, please?
Could you speak up a little please?
Can you speak a little slower please. My English isn’t very good.
Can you call me back? I think we have a bad connection.

Making special requests II

Can you please hold for a minute? I have another call.
Do you have a pen handy?
Would you like to repeat that back to me?
How do you spell that, please?

Making special requests III

Can I have your e-mail address, please?
Can I have your web site address, please?
Could you send me an e-mail about that, please?

Phone call (track 7)

Susan: Hello, Susan speaking.
Peter: Oh, hi, is Mike there, please?
Susan: No, I’m sorry, he’s out. Can I ask who’s calling?
Peter: Yes, it’s Peter. Can you tell him to call me back?
Susan: Of course, bye.
Peter: Thanks, bye.

Ok, so all clear? now go out and make a phone call in English, Good luck!


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