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How to start a conversation with someone! Dec 12, 2019

How to start a conversation with someone you like! Many of my students tell me how hard it is to start a conversation in their own language… but it’s even harder in English, and worse when it’s someone you like, in the romantic sense! So, just to help you, here are some useful expressions you […]

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Halloween tradition – 7 things you might not know! Oct 30, 2019

Halloween tradition – 7 things you might not know! It’s that time of year for ghosts, witches, demons and vampires. Yes, that’s right, it’s Halloween! But how much do you really know about the Halloween tradition? Learn these seven things you probably didn’t know about Halloween and really impress your friends or teacher! Afterwards, try […]

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Business English expressions – Job & Work

Business English expressions – Talking about Work and Jobs in English Hi there!  How many words and business English expressions do you know for talking about work and jobs? I often like to do a class with my students on this popular topic. So, in this lesson, you’ll learn some useful words and expressions for […]

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