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Teachers! Eight actors with distinctive voices! Feb 24, 2021

Fun English lesson plan from Learn Hot English Eight actors with distinctive voices! Level: Intermediate (B1) to Upper Intermediate (B2) Audio: Yes A recent survey lists the actors and actresses with the most recognisable voices.They include Clint Eastwood, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson, Audrey Tautou, Liam Neeson, Demi Moore, Sean Connery and Lauren Bacall (among others). […]

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US Culture – learn about cars & driving! Feb 10, 2021

US culture: learn about cars & driving!   What’s it like to drive in your country? What type of cars do people generally use? What’s the speed limit? Every country has it’s driving differences. And that’s true for America too! In this short video lesson on US culture, you’ll learn about cars and driving in America. […]

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Teachers – Clever celebrities – famous people who went to university! – Jan 27, 2021

Fun lesson plans from Learn Hot English Clever celebrities – famous people who went to university!Level: Pre-Intermediate (A2) to Intermediate (B1) Audio: Yes You’ve probably heard of Chris Martin (Coldplay), Sting (The Police) and Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean)… They’re all international celebrities. But as well as being talented artists, they’re also quite clever and have […]

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Learn Gossip Vocabulary – Video class – Jan 20, 2021

Learn gossip vocabulary with our VIDEO class! When was the last time you talked about a friend… behind his or her back? What did you say about him or her? Did you pass on any juicy (interesting) information about their private life? We all enjoy a bit of gossiping (talking about other people) every now […]

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