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Learn English with jokes! – March 25, 2020

Learn English with jokes! At times like this, we all need a bit of humour. So, just to help, we’ve got two jokes for you. But best of all, you can learn English with jokes! Jokes are great for lots of reasons. You can learn new words, see how English grammar works, and improve your […]

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Medical vocabulary in English – March 18, 2020

Medical vocabulary in English How have you been feeling lately? We all get coughs and colds every now and then. So, just so you can talk about this, here’s some useful medical vocabulary in English! First, read and learn the useful expressions. Then, listen to the dialogue to improve your listening skills, and to help […]

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Fast food vocabulary – 14/03/2020

Fast food vocabulary! What’s your favourite type of fast food: a hamburger, a hotdog, a pizza, a taco… There are so many delicious items of fast food that it’s hard to choose. We all love, and we all know it isn’t always the healthy option, but who can resist a bit of fast food every […]

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Improve spoken English – 7 quick tips! – 9/03/2020

Improve spoken English – 7 quick tips! Discover 7 really useful ways that you can really improve your spoken English. Do you want to improve your spoken English? It’s simple with our ideas! Learn how to improve spoken English with our 7 quick tips. Discover 7 really useful ways that you can really improve your […]

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English Song Lyrics – Misheard!

English song lyrics – Misheard! Listening to songs is a great way to improve your English. And you can learn so much from English song lyrics. Singing along while the song is playing is also great for your pronunciation. But sometimes, what you think is the correct word is actually something completely different. Have you […]

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